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Are lens balls worth it?

Are lens balls worth it?

Is the Lensball worth the extra cash? The Lensball case is useful, and the quality of glass also means the image in the ball will be crisper. The branding and support from the community of Lensball photographers are fantastic. But those with regular crystal balls can contribute to these groups as well.

Do lens balls work?

You may be surprised to know that a lensball has the same optic quality as a professional camera lens, making it the perfect addition to your photography pack. With its unique spherical shape, a lensball creates stunning imagery through the technique of refraction.

Which size lens ball is best for crystal ball photography?

We highly recommend the Lensball Pro as the best option for crystal ball photography. There are two sizes of Lensball Pro – the 80mm Lensball, then the 60mm Lensball – see them both here. For a lightweight, easily transportable Lensball, go for the 60mm model – it would even fit in your pocket!

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What is the best lens to use with a Lensball?

If you’re trying out lensball photography with your smartphone, a 60mm lens ball will suffice. If on the other hand you are using a DSLR or mirrorless camera with a big full frame sensor and larger lenses, it’s best to get a larger 90cm lensball.

Can you use a lens ball with an iPhone?

When shooting be sure to have the focus on the ball so that the image is crisp. When using an iPhone, just tap your screen where the ball is to lock in focus.

How big is an 80mm ball?

80mm size, 3.15 inch (a hard baseball is 73mm) and has a weight of 100 grams. The 80mm size ball is for jugglers over 6 feet tall, with large hands. 100 mm size, 3.93 inch (a softball is 97 mm) and has a weight of 100 grams.

How do you take good pictures with a Lensball?

5 Tips for Lens Ball Photography

  1. Use a reflective surface. The photo below is my favorite that I’ve taken so far.
  2. Focus on the ball. When shooting be sure to have the focus on the ball so that the image is crisp.
  3. Enlist help.
  4. Place ball on a higher surface.
  5. Take a video.
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What is a zoom ball photography?

The Zoom Ball is an innovative photography tool that allows you to take breathtaking 180 degree shots. The intuitive design makes it easier than ever to capture your most special moments in full. Simply aim your camera or smartphone at the magical ball and begin taking luscious full scale photos right away.

Can you use a Lensball with a mobile phone?

The Refractique Lensball can be used with all types of cameras but actually, we think it’s probably more suited to those who capture images with smartphones and regularly share them with friends and followers on social media.

Can you use a lens ball with a cell phone camera?

If you’re wondering if you need a DSLR to take lens ball photos, the answer is no. You can have just as much creative fun and success with a phone camera.

Can you use a Lensball with a cell phone?

The ball will fill your frame well and will fit into all but the smallest spaces. Using a detachable macro lens on your smartphone is optional when using a medium-sized lensball. Some smartphones may capture lovely images without one, but you may also prefer using a macro lens to get the sharpest image possible.

Is lensball the best crystal ball for photography?

Crystal ball photography is a great way to get creative. Is Lensball the best crystal ball for your photography, though? In this article, you’ll learn all about Lensball, and the possible alternatives to it. Lensballs with its Refractique logo is one of the options available for buying a Lensball.

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What size lensball do I need for my lensball?

Lens required – You will need a macro lens when using a small lensball if you wish to fill the frame with the ball. The small size is perfect to hold between your index finger and thumb. This refers to balls at 80mm in diameter.

What are the challenges of lensball photography?

One of the significant challenges of Lensball photography is developing an eye for a location. The ball has to sit, have a great background, a nice foreground and not roll away. If you make it easier to place the ball, then you no longer need to find ball resting spots.

Which size if crystal ball should I buy?

Asking which size if crystal ball you should buy is a little like asking which is the best tripod. Everyone knows the sturdiest tripod is best, but that it’s impractical to carry around for the whole day. The same is true of the crystal ball, the 80mm medium sized ball then is probably the best choice.