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Are quantum computers supercomputers?

Are quantum computers supercomputers?

While, quantum computers is still a work in progress. Supercomputer is a system that operates at a high compute to I/O ratio and delivers a very large number of effective computing cycles per second. Quantum computer is a computer aimed at utilizing new quantum algorithms to accelerate digital computation.

Are Hypercomputers possible?

There are an unlimited number of different types of conceivable hypercomputers, including: Turing’s original oracle machines, defined by Turing in 1939.

Is quantum computer already exist?

In September of 2020, IBM revealed they developed one of the largest existing quantum computers in the world (as of the time this blog post was published), consisting of 65 qubits. The company has already identified a number of areas in which the complexity of quantum computing capabilities may be applied.

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How fast can quantum computers be?

A quantum machine would be able to calculate 1 trillion moves per second!

How far away is quantum computers?

Most current quantum computers have around a hundred qubits at most. That might increase to a thousand or so over the next few years, but quantum computers that are actually useful are probably at least a decade away.

Is brain Turing complete?

You can calculate rule 110 by pen and paper, so at least the brain-pen-paper system is Turing complete. However, the brain is not a Turing machine, probably. The brain, however, is not a simple universal turing machine in the sense that it doesn’t have a finite set of instructions and an infinite tape-band.

Is quantum computing more powerful than Turing machines?

It is known that Turing machines are not so efficient, though they polynomially simulate classical computers. Quantum computers are believed to be exponentially more efficient than Turing machines. In this sense, you can beat Turing machines (if you could only build a scalable quantum computer).