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Can you get married at 13 in China?

Can you get married at 13 in China?

A 13-year-old child bride is to be ordered back to school after she and her 17-year-old boyfriend broke Chinese marriage law, a regulator said on Saturday. Civil affairs officials cannot validate the marriage as Chinese law only permits unions for men 22 years or older and women above the age of 20.

Is divorce allowed in China?

In response, the government has promoted traditional family values and marriage, and discouraged divorce. The cooling-off period is part of a sweeping civil code that came into effect on 1 January, covering laws including marriage, adoption and property ownership.

Is school in China free?

The Chinese government made a law for a free nine-year compulsory education (six years of primary education and three years of secondary education) on July 1, 1986, which established the requirements for attaining a universal education and guaranteed school-age children the right to receive at least nine years of …

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What is the legal age to get married in China?

The legal minimum age of marriage in China is 22 for men and 20 for women.

What is the marriagable age in China?

According to the Civil Code, marriage should meet the following conditions: – The man and the woman have both reached the statutory marriageable age in China – the man should be at least 22 years old and the woman should be at least 20 years old.

What age do Chinese women get married?

Note that the Chinese government regulates the age at which Chinese can get married. In general, women can’t marry until they’re twenty and men must wait until they are twenty-two. Despite this, there are persistent reports of girls in their early teens being married off by their families in some rural areas.

What are the requirements for marriage in China?

Your Chinese fiance/fiancee will need to fill out paperwork at the registration office in his/her Hukou place.

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  • Bring a birth certificate and a health certificate.
  • Get a certificate of marriageability/single certificate.
  • Bring your passport in order to show proof of who you are.