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Do ISTJ get along with Intj?

Do ISTJ get along with Intj?

If they are willing to put in effort and make sacrifices for each other, a romantic relationship between an ISTJ and an INTJ could flourish. They are both very logical personalities but tend to concentrate on different things, so a relationship certainly can go well if they both understand this.

What INTJs think about ISTJ?

INTJs tend to trust ISTJs who can listen to and appreciate INTJs creative solutions; ISTJs need to avoid pushing INTJs to focus on details, as this can make them feel overwhelmed or controlled. ISTJs are likely to trust INTJs who can be practical, grounded, and present in a conversation.

How do you mess with an ISTJ?

Being Touchy Feely. ISTJs tend to be private and reserved, and they feel uncomfortable when people encroach on their personal space. Being in situations where they are expected to hug strangers or being around people who tend to be too close for comfort irritates them.

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Are INTJs bad leaders?

INTJs are often naturals as leaders, but they do become a bit exhausted with it sometimes. They become drained with constant social interaction and being in a leadership role does often put them in social settings.

Does INTJ hate ISTJ?

If not they punish via smearing campaign and any tool to make this person to back off to the “normal” and expected attitudes, behaviours, thinking, life style, etc. INTJ can be harsh and are not receptive to hear nothing against what they think – or better, what they were conditioned to. INTJs avoid the ISTJs.

What should you never say to an ISTJ?

“Whatever” Passive-aggressive anger or snide, dismissive remarks will drive an ISTJ crazy. Try to be upfront and direct if you’ve got a problem with them, don’t give the silent treatment or be sarcastic or manipulative to get a response from them or punish them.

Are INTJs good managers?

INTJs as Managers As INTJs are goal-orientated, they often work to a clear vision. However, they can sometimes struggle to articulate their ideas and this can lead to confusion among those they manage. Ultimately, it is their focus and commitment to achievement that makes them strong leaders.