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How can I extend my Nokia TV warranty?

How can I extend my Nokia TV warranty?

How can I purchase and activate Nokia insurance and extended warranty plans?

  1. Download the latest version of the Nokia My Device app on your newly purchased Nokia smartphone and log in with your mobile number.
  2. Go to Support > Warranty and insurance.
  3. When prompted, enter the activation code.

Can I add extended warranty after purchase of TV?

You can purchase extended warranty within 6 months of buying your TV unit.

Can I add extended warranty after purchase in Flipkart?

The program policy can be purchased along with the purchase of the primary product at Point of sale or through the link shared by Flipkart via email/SMS/Push Notification/social media or any other channel, provided you have purchased an eligible product and are trying to buy Extended Warranty Plan within the permitted …

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Which TV has maximum warranty?

Top 10 TV with 3 Year Warranty Price List

TV with 3 Year Warranty List Latest Price
LG 55UK6360PTE 55 inch 4K (Ultra HD) LED Rs. 58,999
LG 65UK6360PTE 65 inch 4K (Ultra HD) Smart LED Rs. 99,990
Croma CREL7366 43 inch 4K (Ultra HD) LED Rs. 32,990
Croma CREL7361 43 inch Full HD LED Rs. 27,994

Should I buy the extended warranty on a refrigerator?

If you’re interested in saving money or having peace of mind, yes you should buy an extended warranty for your refrigerator. Upsie offers comprehensive appliance extended warranty coverage for mechanical failures, power failures, heating/cooling issues, and drain failure.

How do I claim extended warranty?

Register your claim Filing a claim under Extended Warranty Insurance is simple and convenient. All you need to do is call our 24*7 toll-free number, 1800-209-1021. Alternatively, you can register a claim at any time of the day by emailing us at [email protected] or to register online click here .

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How can I claim warranty on Flipkart smart buy product?

For Warranty Claims or Any Product Related Issues Please Email At [email protected] or Call +91 80 46609211.

How does the GO extended warranty work?

Once you purchase your gadget/appliance, you can opt for Go Extended Warranty for up to 9 months after purchase. GoWarranty offers a completely cash-less experience. There are no hidden fees or charges. GoWarranty is powered by our free Pick-up and Drop service.

Why choose gowarranty?

Worry not, we have your back. GoWarranty provides extended warranty and repair services for your gadgets/appliances. Thus delivering the best performance so that you can focus on what is important for you. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How to file a service request with gowarranty?

Absolutely No Paperwork: GoWarranty has a hassle-free process to file a Service Request. All you need to do is provide us a copy of the purchase invoice bearing the IMEI/Serial Number. You do not have to submit any other document or fill up any forms.

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What is the extended warranty on a TV?

Extended warranty for your television or TV covering all manufacturing defects, software issues, and electrical malfunctions or breakdowns. The extended warranty for television or TV starts immediately after your manufacturer or OEM warranty expires. The extended warranty plan to be procured only for television or TV purchased within 9-months.