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How can I prepare for RBI garde B Phase 2?

How can I prepare for RBI garde B Phase 2?

  1. Check Comprehensive Phase 2 Study Material in RBI Grade B Cracker Course.
  2. Get ESI Video Lessons, Notes, Topic Tests & Mock Tests.
  3. Get Complete Study Material For Economic & Social Issues.
  4. Get Expected Essay Topics + Fodder Material Here.
  5. Get F&M Video Lessons, Notes, Topic Tests & Mock Tests.

How will you prepare for economics and social issues for RBI Grade B?

The topics to be prepared for ESI are listed below.

  1. Growth and Development.
  2. Measurement of growth: National Income and per capita income.
  3. Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India.
  4. Sustainable Development and Environmental issues.
  5. Economic Reforms in India.
  6. Industrial and Labour Policy.
  7. Monetary and Fiscal Policy.
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Is economic times good for RBI Grade B?

Answer: Although One Newspaper if read efficiently is enough for Grade B, there’s no harm in reading a business newspaper such as Economic times or Live Mint.

How can I study economics for RBI?

Read articles from credible sources to build your knowledge about Economics and build an understanding. Take help from books or listen to podcasts that talk about India’s economy in the present time. You can also take help from Testbook’s RBI Grade B Study Notes and begin the preparation accordingly.

Which paper is best for RBI Grade B exam?


  • Economic Times.
  • Hindu.
  • Business Standard.
  • Economic and Political Weekly.
  • Southern Economist.
  • Yojana.
  • Business India.
  • RBI Bulletins.

Is Ramesh Singh book is enough for RBI Grade B?

Indian Economy authored by Ramesh Singh is a book that extensively covers all topics in the RBI grade B economics syllabus. It has found favor with consecutive batches of students appearing for this exam. It is regarded as the go-to book if you are looking to brush up your basics on the subject.

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What is the importance of the RBI grade B Phase 2?

BI Grade B Phase 2 is an extremely important exam because the score of this exam determines your rank. Since RBI Grade B Prelims is qualifying in nature, this exam lets the candidate start afresh. Each candidate has an equal chance of selection, hence, your preparation for this phase should be well above the mark.

What is RBI grade B Cracker?

Course Details RBI Grade B Cracker is designed to cover the complete syllabus for the 3 most important subjects: GA for Phase 1 and Objective + Descriptive portions of ESI + F&M for Phase 2 exam. Not just that, it also includes Mock Tests & Live Strategy Sessions for English, Quant & Reasoning for Phase 1.

How to prepare for RBI ESI exam?

Going through the sample paper released by RBI will give you a fairly good idea of the kind of questions asked in the examination. This will also help you understand how deep you need to go into the topics while preparing. The type of questions asked in the ESI section can be broadly classified as:

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How do I prepare for the SBI PO Phase 2?

For Phase 2 exam you need to study Economics and Social Issue, Finance and Management and English. I am also preparing for RBI grade B. Since I had already cleared SBI PO, I am prepared for phase 1 exam, but for phase 2, I am taking coaching from Gradeup.