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How do you use promise in a sentence?

How do you use promise in a sentence?

Promise sentence example

  1. When I make a promise , I keep it.
  2. I promise not to harm you.
  3. I promise to behave.
  4. I promise not to leave.
  5. I promise not to plaster you with mud this time.
  6. At least I obtained his promise of confidence.
  7. I shall not be at peace till you promise me this.

What does I make no promises mean?

No promises!: I cannot guarantee anything! I am not willing to commit! idiom. a promise: a declaration, a commitment to do something in the future.

What is the difference between promise and promised?

As verbs the difference between promised and promise is that promised is (promise) while promise is to commit to something or action; to make an oath; make a vow.

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Why is it important to keep a promise?

Fulfilling promises to yourself to do better or be better is just as important as following through on your promises to others. When you make a promise to yourself, you are taking the time to work towards improving your life. When we work on ourselves, it gives us the ability to better take care of others.

What does it mean when someone says Promise me?

2 verb If you promise someone something, you tell them that you will definitely give it to them or make sure that they have it.

When did the song promises come out?


What is the true meaning of promise?

1 : a statement by a person that he or she will do or not do something I made a promise to pay within a month. 2 : a cause or ground for hope These plans give promise of success. promise. verb. promised; promising.

What do you call someone who keeps his promises?

According to Merriam-Webster, a mensch is ‘a person of integrity and honour. ‘

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What’s better than a promise?

Promise Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for promise?

pledge vow
stipulation troth
affirmation swearing
warrant asseveration
espousal obligation