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How many Darths are there in Star Wars?

How many Darths are there in Star Wars?

Overview. Six famous Sith Lords bearing the Darth title, from left to right: Darth Andeddu, Darth Revan, Darth Malak, Darth Malgus, Darth Ruin, Darth Bane. Many Sith Lords chose to add “Darth” to their name, so much so that the word is considered synonymous with the dark side of the Force in some circles.

How many Darths can there be at once?

There are only supposed to be two Sith at any given time, because of something called the “Rule of Two” established by the ancient Sith Lord, Darth Bane. Darth Bane was the sole Sith survivor of the order’s wars with the Jedi, and blamed some of the Sith’s loss on infighting amongst some of his powerful contemporaries.

What is Star Wars canon and legends?

Legends is the Star Wars stories created by George Lucas (Such as books, games, comics, etc) And Canon is the Star Wars stories created by Disney (Such as books, games, comics, etc). ‘G’ Canon – Works directly created by George Lucas himself; the 6 films, The Clone Wars 2003, The Clone Wars, and Ewok Adventures.

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What parts of Star Wars legends are canon?

In order to be considered canon, the material must have appeared within one of the Star Wars films from the original trilogy or prequel trilogy, the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series or its associated film, or most material released on or after April 25, 2014.

How many Sith are canon?

While many Sith Lords are mentioned, only six are detailed in canon: Bane, Plagueis, Sidious, Maul, Tyranus, and Vader. In addition to these Sith Lords, there are a number of other fallen Jedi, apprentices, and dark Force users.

Is the Darth Bane trilogy canon?

Darth Bane is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. Sith and the novels Darth Bane: Path of Destruction, Darth Bane: Rule of Two and Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil, ceased to be canon, leaving his only canonical appearance the cameo in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Can there be 3 Siths?

Because Darth Bane established the Rule of Two 1,000 years before The Clone Wars, which states that there can only be two Sith Lords, no more, no less; a master and an apprentice; one to hold power and one to crave it.

What is the rule of 2 in Star Wars?

The Rule of Two states that there would be only two Sith at one time, a master and an apprentice, guaranteeing that when the apprentice becomes powerful enough in the ways of the dark side to take the title of master, only then would they be worthy of the title.

How many Darths did Darth Sidious have?

As a Sith Master, Sidious bestowed the title of Darth on his three successive Sith apprentices: Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus, and Darth Vader . “This is the way of the Sith.

What is a Darth Darth in Star Wars?

Darth was a title that preceded the moniker of a Sith Lord. Predating the history of the Rule of Two, it was used by ancient Sith such as Darth Atrius, Darth Caldoth, and Darth Noctyss. The Darth title was preserved through Darth Bane ‘s reforms, spawning a thousand-year lineage that included Darth Zannah and Darth Plagueis.

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What is the difference between a Sith Lord and a Darth?

Darth was a title that preceded the moniker of a Sith Lord. Predating the history of the Rule of Two, it was used by ancient Sith such as Darth Atrius.

Are there Canon planets in the Star Wars universe?

The fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise features multiple planets and moons. While only the feature films and selected other works are considered canon to the franchise since the 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm by The Walt Disney Company, some canon planets were first named or explored in works…