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Is Clash of Clans safe for my kid?

Is Clash of Clans safe for my kid?

The Clash of the Clans gaming app is safe for kids with some adult supervision. The app is rated for users 10+ but the terms of use require users to be 13 years or older. The clan that a player chooses will dictate how safe their Clash of Clans game play is.

Is COC good game for students?

This game is awesome. great for kids. all ages.

Can you turn off chat in Clash of Clans?

A: The short answer is you cannot. The chat window is initially closed and off to the left of the screen. When your child is playing Clash of Clans, they can open the chat window and chat with any player on global chat or just with their clan on Clan Chat. To eliminate clan chat, players can choose not to join a clan.

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Is Clash of Clans addictive?

We know some of you will even play it while sitting on the toilet! It’s a perfect sign of why the game is so addictive. No matter where you are, Clash of Clans can be played. With a simple design to play and the chance of quick and great rewards, players never want to put Clash of Clans down.

Why is Clash of Clans so addicting?

Clash of Clan is so addictive because of following : This is first of its kind which have social features so that you can chat globally or with your clan members. The work you do for your village is shown as the progress is revealed. The important is Clan war features.

Why is COC so popular?

Supercell “Clash of Clans” is a powerhouse of an app, and its players are as hardcore as they come. The gameplay is addicting, and because logging off means leaving your base wide open for a raid, the game’s top players stay glued to their screens.

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Why do people hate clash of clans?

They like other games. The reason people hate clash of clans because they don’t have any patience level and they cant use gem all day to upgrade troops and defenses . This game requires a lot of patience level i am a th 9 player so i know how hard is to get to that level i don’t know when my walls will get maxed up .

What is the main goal of Clash of Clans?

The ultimate goal in Clash of Clans is to beat other players and be a part of a winning clan. First few days player is protected from attacks from other players but once this shield is dropped you become free game. In other words, after the shield is dropped your village will be destroyed between 1 – 3 times a day.

How to encourage your kids to play Clash of clans?

Encourage your children to show you Ask your kids to show you what they have been building and doing on Clash of Clans. #3. Limit play time Limit their play time and you might say if you play 1 hour of Clash of Clans you need to do 1 hour of normal playtime.

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Is Clash of clans addictive for kids?

Clash of Clans is a great game for children, and unlike some other answerers, I think it’s not really addictive. It isn’t a game that you can play for hours on end, the maximum you can play in one sitting is 15 minutes (before it gets boring) and it encourages social contact and strategic thinking.

Is Clash of clans worth playing for beginners?

Clash of Clans is seriously complicated for a beginner and seriously addictive once you begin to master it. It loses points for the lack of reporting function within Clan chat groups and the fact that children can join clans with adults they don’t know.

What is clclash of clans?

Clash of Clans is a strategy game in which players build a community, train troops, and attack other players to earn gold and elixir, which can be used to build defenses that protect the player from other players’ attacks, and to train and upgrade troops. Features include: The aim is to build your village into an unbeatable fortress.