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Is Iran considered a democracy?

Is Iran considered a democracy?

Iran’s complex and unusual political system combines elements of a modern Islamic theocracy with democracy. A network of elected and unelected institutions influence each other in the government’s power structure.

Does Iran have a Constitution?

The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Persian: قانون اساسی جمهوری اسلامی ایران‎, Qanun-e Asasi-ye Jimhuri-ye Eslâmi-ye Iran) was adopted by referendum on 2 and 3 December 1979, and went into force replacing the Constitution of 1906. It has been amended once, on 28 July 1989.

Does Iran have a constitution?

Why does Iran’s 1979 constitution only mention democracy once in its preamble?

Iran’s 1979 constitution attempted to bring together these two notions of republican governance and religious authority. It mentions the word “democracy” only once – in the preamble. The constitution notes that the Islamic revolution reflects “an attempt, also made by other Islamic and democratic movements,…

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Is Iran’s Constitution ideologically tensionful?

The ideological tension is reflected in Iran’s constitution as well as its government structure. The constitution borrows heavily from French and Belgian law, yet it also requires that all laws be compatible with Islamic Sharia.

What is the current form of government in Iran?

Article 1 (Form of Government) Article 1 states that the form of Government in Iran is that of an Islamic Republic. It explains this form is due to the referendum passed by 98\% of the eligible voters of Iran and gives credit to Imam Khomeini for the victorious revolution.

When and where was the Iranian constitution written?

In other words, the thought of the Iranian constitution had existed in the second half of 1979 and its early draft had been written in Paris. Its draft also has been produced there and after that has been considered in Iran many times.