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Is it worth buying an old golf cart?

Is it worth buying an old golf cart?

There are many old golf carts, from the 80s and 90s, that still run just as well as newer models. So just because the cart is old doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it. Because of their age, old and used golf carts are more likely to need repairs than newer ones.

What is a fair price for a used golf cart?

Used Golf Cart Average Costs The vast majority of used golf carts sell for $2,000 to $5,000. That’s a substantial discount, given the $4,000 to $10,000 price tag for most new models. A standard golf cart that is three to five years old generally sells for $3,000 to $5,000.

Does it matter what year a golf cart is?

When deciding on a used or refurbished golf cart, where the golf cart came from is vital. The number of years matter. The motor, batteries, controller, wheel alignment and more can have lots of wear and tear that may not be apparent just by looking at it.

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What is the number one golf cart?

Best Golf Cart Overall: EZ-Go Express S4 At the top of our list is the EZ Go Express S4. The S4 is a golf cart that works for both the course and around your town. We love the power and performance of this cart matches with its incredible golf cart accessories.

What is high mileage for a golf cart?

An average electric golf cart with a 48-volt system can go for 40 miles on a single charge up to 80 miles if driving through flat and level surfaces.

How do I choose a golf cart?

Does It Have The Features You Are Looking For?

  1. Pick a golf cart that best suits your lifestyle.
  2. Check and see if the golf cart needs to be licensed in your area.
  3. Research all the awesome Golf Cart Accessories that you would like.
  4. Make sure the golf cart is comfortable to drive.

Is Club car better than EZ GO?

E-Z-Go Golf Carts, while cheaper than Club Car golf carts, do not offer the same quality. The motors used in most E-Z-Go golf carts are not nearly as powerful as the motors used by Club Car. When going up hills or carrying a heavy load, the motors in an E-Z-Go golf cart tend to struggle.

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What is the best golf cart?

E-Z-GO Freedom RXV Golf Cart. E-Z-GO is a premiere brand name in the golf cart industry that has built a reputation for reliability.

  • Club Car Precedent Golf Cart. Club Car is the golf cart industry leader because of its innovation and consistently well built carts.
  • Yamaha Drive PTV Golf Cart. Yamaha is a big name in the off-road market,so it makes sense that it would become involved in golf carts.
  • E-Z-GO TXT Golf Cart
  • What to look for in an used golf cart?

    5 Things to Look For When Buying a Used Electric Golf Cart Is the Golf Cart Refurbished or Used? When looking for a used or refurbished vehicle, it is good to decipher their underlying differences. What is the Age of the Golf Cart? It is important that you consider the age of the electric golf cart that you are looking forward to buying. What Features Does it Have? How are the Batteries?

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    What is better gas or electric golf carts?

    Electric golf carts are environmentally friendly, release no emissions, and are much quieter than gas powered carts. Electric golf carts are also cheaper than most gas carts as they are much more standardized. As a result of their ease, electric carts also cost much less to maintain.

    Are golf cart batteries safe?

    Safe Storage of Golf Cart Batteries. Open the battery caps and check the water level. If low, fill with distilled water only. Do not use tap water for best battery life. Do not overfill and keep just below the inner indicator rings of the battery.