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What does an attache do in an embassy?

What does an attache do in an embassy?

The Defence Attaché He helps protect, develop and promote French defence interests in the United Kingdom, working with the British authorities.

Who is an attache in consulate?

An attaché is a member of staff in an embassy, usually with a special responsibility for something. He was working as a cultural attaché in Warsaw.

Is a military attache a diplomat?

An attaché is normally an official, who serves either as a diplomat or as a member of the support staff, under the authority of an ambassador or other head of a diplomatic mission, mostly in intergovernmental organizations or international non-governmental organisations or agencies.

Is a military attache a spy?

Types of resident spies A legal resident spy operates in a foreign country under official cover (such as from his country’s embassy). He is an official member of the consular staff, such as a commercial, cultural, or military attaché. An illegal resident spy operates under non-official cover.

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What is a commercial attache?

Definition of commercial attaché : an officer in the foreign commerce service of a country who is attached to an embassy or legation in those countries considered important for trade or business.

What is press attache?

press attaché in British English (prɛs əˈtæʃeɪ) the official in an embassy who has the job of liaising with the media. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

How do you address a diplomat?

Ambassadors are addressed as Mr. /Madam Ambassador or Ambassador Jones. Only by special invitation or long friendship should one address an ambassador by first name and then only when not in the public eye.

Who is the highest ranking official in an embassy?

Ambassadors hold the highest diplomatic rank and have precedence over chargés d’affaires, who are accredited by the foreign minister. Ambassadors also outranked envoys until the 1960s, when the last legations were upgraded to embassies.

What language is the word attache?

An attaché is a thin briefcase used for carrying papers. Attaché comes from the French attacher, which literally means “attached,” and it was first applied to someone working for a diplomat, such as a junior officer. Now an attaché is a technical expert assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission.

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How do commercial attaches promote trade?

Commercial attaches promote trade in the following ways: Educate local traders on trade opportunities. Organize educational tours to abroad. Inform exporters on the standards/price of goods/services.

How do you use attache in a sentence?

Examples of ‘attache’ in a sentence At the time, he was a cultural attaché in the embassy. In desperation, the ambassador asked the naval attaché and me to help. He ended his career as naval attaché in Rome. I still socialise today with his cultural attaché.

How do you address a foreign ambassador?