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What does it mean when someone blocks and unblocks you?

What does it mean when someone blocks and unblocks you?

Originally Answered: What does it mean if someone blocked you and then unblocked you again? Well simply means they didn’t want you following there account. If they have unblocked you again it might mean that they thought they had given it enough time for you to forget about them, which is clearly not the case.

Why would an ex unblock me on Facebook?

When an ex unblocks you, it means they no longer feel the need to be completely out of contact with you. Most likely, it means they no longer get triggered by reminders of you. It COULD mean that they’re still having feelings for you – but a simple unblock after 7 months doesn’t say that on its own.

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Why has my ex boyfriend unblocked Me and not reached out?

I can’t tell you which of the two it was, but if your ex unblocked you and hasn’t reached out, it’s most likely the former. Your ex probably thought about the way he or she treated you after the breakup (and the pain he or she has caused you), so your ex unblocked you and left it at that.

What happens if your ex unblocked you on social media?

If you accidentally noticed that your ex unblocked you on social media or on various communication platforms such as Instagram, Skype, or Messenger, you probably couldn’t have done much about it. The site or application you’re using notified you about your ex’s unblocking, so it wasn’t your fault.

Can my ex boyfriend block me on Facebook but still be friends?

There is a partial block where your ex-boyfriend might block you from calling but he’s still friends with you on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Then you have what’s called a full-out block. A full-out block is a little bit different. This is where your ex-boyfriend is not going to be friends with you on Facebook.

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What does it mean when you get unblocked by someone who blocked you?

I think being unblocked by someone who had blocked you, sends a small signal that there’s less hostility and maybe a sign the person is having second thoughts of the block. I don’t waste my time to go into social media or my cell to unblock anyone just for the sake of unblocking unless I’m prepared to hear from that person again.