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What happens when the golden throne fails?

What happens when the golden throne fails?

Unless something is done, the Golden Throne’s life support systems will eventually malfunction and the Emperor of Mankind will die, surrendering His spirit to the Warp and throwing all of Mankind into darkness once more — or setting the stage for Humanity’s final salvation.

Can the Golden Throne be fixed?

It’s a horrible “existence” of being so close to regeneration and coming back and effectively defeating all enemies of humanity, yet being unable to do so because taking your eyes off the ball would probably mean humanity’s destruction. So, he can’t just repair the Throne because he’s physically unable.

What would happen if Emperor killed Horus?

Essentially, Horus was on borrowed time no matter if he killed the Emperor or not and was never really intended for anything else beyond being used and discarded by the Ruinous Powers once they were done with him. So if Horus did succeed in killing the Emperor, he would unknowingly have lost Terra anyways.

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Is the God-Emperor alive?

While it has been generally agreed that the Emperor is still alive, it was also agreed that He did not speak directly, or directly control events. Instead, he is trapped in some sort of comatose state. Possibly He influenced events through His warp powers, or spoke to people through the Emperor’s Tarot.

Is the Emperor becoming a warp God?

One common theory is that while the Emperor did not start out as a god, He has since become one. Thus it is theorized that after 10,000 years of worship the combined powers of humanity have raised the Emperor to godhood, creating a new warp being, the God-Emperor of Mankind, similar in kind to most of the other Gods.

Is the God Emperor alive?

What will happen when the Emperor of Mankind dies?

The most obvious answer is of course, that the emperor simply dies and that is it. The Astronomicon will stop working, and the gate to the Warp on Terra will open. Terra will be destroyed by demons, interplanetar travel will be very difficult, and the empire will collapse into small factions.

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Who Hated Sanguinius?

Guilliman disliked it when Ferrus Manus used Ultramarines as a suicidal vanguard for a percieved battle ‘failure’.

What if Horus stayed loyal?

Horus was loyal up to his fatal wounding on the planet Davin. He has his misgivings and worries about the way the Emperor was leading his Imperium, but given enough time he would have seen the ultimate reason for the Emperor’s secrecy and probably would have had his faith renewed.