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Which news channel is best for UPSC aspirants?

Which news channel is best for UPSC aspirants?

Best news channel or Programmes for UPSC/Best news channel for UPSC preparation are:

  • Made in India (Epic Channel)
  • Samvidhaan: The Making of the constitution of India (Rajya Sabha TV)
  • Pradhanmantri (ABP News)
  • India’s World (Rajya Sabha TV programs for UPSC)
  • The Big Picture (Rajya Sabha TV programs for UPSC)

What News should I watch for UPSC?

UPSC aspirants like you can watch Doordarshan news channel, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV news debates. In Lok Sabha, INSIGHT program where experts analyse current issues. In Rajya Sabha, THE BIG PICTURE programme News analysis by Experts. Al-Jazeera news channel for International Relation issues.

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Which current affairs site is best for UPSC?

BYJU’S Free IAS Prep is undoubtedly the best site for daily current affairs for UPSC exam.

  • 2.www.mea.gov.in.
  • 3.www.mha.nic.in.
  • 4.www.lawmin.nic.in.
  • 5.www.rbi.org.in.
  • 6.www.socialjustice.nic.in.
  • 7.www.indiaculture.nic.in.
  • 8.www.gov.in.
  • 10.www.pib.nic.in.

Which YouTube channel is best for UPSC preparation?

Best YouTube Channels for UPSC IAS Preparation

  • #1 RSTV. The Rajya Sabha TV’s YouTube channel is a mine of wonderfully informative and educational videos that a UPSC aspirant must watch.
  • #3 The Hindu. UPSC aspirants are well-aware of the relevance of ‘The Hindu’ newspaper for the IAS exam.
  • #4 BBC News.
  • #5 BYJU’S IAS.

Is air news good for UPSC?

UPSC has interested in picking topics from All India Radio debates. In the same year, UPSC has asked a question in Essay Paper “Is Tourism the next big thing for India?” If aspirants are listening AIR news and programme, they won’t face any hurdles in UPSC IAS Exam.

Which newspaper is best for IAS preparation?

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The Hindu
The two best and most recommended newspapers for UPSC preparation are – “The Hindu” and “The Indian Express”.

Which is the best newspaper for IAS preparation?

IAS aspirants can follow the above-mentioned newspapers suggested for overall UPSC candidates. To have a specific read, aspirants can follow the below-mentioned publications: The Hindu. The Indian Express. LiveMint. Business Line. All these are considered to be amongst the best newspapers for IAS preparations.

How is the Business Standard newspaper for UPSC IAS?

The Business Standard is a good business daily published in the English language. The editorial and articles in this newspaper will help one to collect genuine information on the current events happening in the economy, which is a crucial subject in UPSC IAS exam.

Which is the best English daily for UPSC IAS exam?

Founded in 1932 by Ramnath Goenka, this English daily is useful for UPSC IAS Exam. Along with The Hindu, The Indian Express is considered to be the best source of current affairs information for competitive exam preparation. The Business Standard is a good business daily published in the English language.

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Which is the best source to read current affairs for UPSC?

Following are the reasons because of which, experts consider the Hindu as one of the best options to be aware of the current affairs for UPSC: It is mostly unbiased. One can get to know what is really happening where.