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Who is better Navas or Courtois?

Who is better Navas or Courtois?

COURTOIS’ RECORD FOR REAL MADRID AFTER 43 GAMES VS KEYLOR NAVAS. The Costa Rica international also has eight more clean sheets to his name during that time, while his win percentage is more than 16 per cent higher than Courtois. To add to that, Navas won the Super Cup twice during his time in Madrid.

Why did Keylor Navas leave Real Madrid?

Keylor Navas has explained that he had received signs from the God that helped him take the decision to depart Real Madrid back in 2019 to join Paris Saint-Germain. “I entrusted myself to God, who guided me towards a Real Madrid exit,” concluded Navas.

Why did Courtois leave?

Courtois’ main justification for leaving and returning to Spain was to be closer to his children, after his split from girlfriend Marta Dominguez in 2017 saw her return to the Spanish capital with his two children.

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Is Navas good?

It is a testament to Navas’ ability that his statistics are on par with some of Europe’s best keepers. He has made the most saves (95) and has the third-highest saves per goal conceded (3.7), behind Neuer (6.0) and De Sanctis (4.5). Navas deserves to be recognised as one of Europe’s best keepers right now.

Did Keylor Navas play for Real Madrid?

Keylor Navas

Personal information
2012–2014 Levante 46
2014–2019 Real Madrid 104
2019– Paris Saint-Germain 58
National team‡

Why did Courtois join Real Madrid?

The former Atletico Madrid goalkeeper had practically forced his way out of Chelsea to join the Los Blancos. Such was his desperation to join the 13-time UEFA Champions League winners that he even went AWOL from Chelsea training.

Who did Courtois play for before Real Madrid?

Thibaut Courtois

Personal information
2009–2011 Genk 41
2011–2018 Chelsea 126
2011–2014 → Atlético Madrid (loan) 111
2018– Real Madrid 116
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Where is Navas from Real Madrid?

Paris Saint-Germain F.C.#1 / Goalkeeper
Costa Rica national football teamGoalkeeper
Keylor Navas/Current teams

What does Navas mean?

Navas is Arabic/Muslim Boy name and meaning of this name is “King; Beauty of Life”.

What happened Kaylor Navas?

“We received an injury report from Paris Saint-Germain and the medical staff confirmed that Keylor Navas suffered an injury to his right elbow and it started to get swollen after the game on Saturday. After a medical examination it was determined that Navas will not be able to play with Costa Rica next week.”