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Why are web Devs looked down on?

Why are web Devs looked down on?

I think the reason web development (or web programming as you call it) is looked down on, (if it really is) amongst programmers might be because most programmers perceive web development to be relatively simpler compared to more complex programming like Linux kernel.

Why are front end developers looked down upon?

Any developer looking down on frontend means he hasnt done much into it. Frontend is equally, sometimes more tricky to develop than backend. Backend includes logic and reasoning, so does frontend.

Why do programmers look down on javascript?

Javascript is looked down upon by “ordinary programmers”. The best programmers know that Javascript is a very nice tool, for some sorts of usage. This is very much a “use the right tool for the job” sort of topic. What you called “real programmers” (not) are usually freaked out by Lisp.

Are Web developers real programmers?

Web developers have no knowledge of data structures or algorithms. Web developers are not real programmers. It’s true, I didn’t take a compilers or operating systems course. Web development is easy, web developers are the lowest of the low, web developers don’t understand just how easy they have it.

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Is front end development real programming?

Let’s get this out of the way, yes frontend engineers are real programmers! Frontend development requires a unique set of skills that is distinct from backend development but it doesn’t mean it’s any less useful.

Are front end Devs looked down?

It is very common for other software developers, software engineers and programmer’s generally to underestimate and look down on front end developers. Once you say all you know is HTML/CSS , you are looked down upon. I use to be among those that looked down on front end developers like they are not the real deal .

Is JavaScript harder than Python?

Yes. JavaScript is harder than Python, even though they both are dynamically typed, easy to learn syntaxes and with several built in functions, Python is overall better when compared to JavaScript because it is simpler and is easier to use.

Is frontend real programming?