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Why did the Emperor make Horus warmaster?

Why did the Emperor make Horus warmaster?

Its because he was better at managing the whole army and the war. While sanguinius can rival horus in diplomacy, charisma and sharing the Emperors vision, it matters not so much for the title of warmaster. You need to be the ultimate master of war.

Did the Emperor cause the Horus Heresy?

As per the new lore, the Emperor did predict the Horus Heresy. In fact, he depended upon it to happen. He didn’t know how exactly it would happen until the events of The Outcast Dead because there were many futures he foresaw and their likelihoods changed depending upon his actions.

Why did the Emperor favor Horus?

The Emperor favored Horus, because thats what needed to happen for him to turn on The Emperor. The future was not humanity being ruled by super beings (except for The Emperor). They were needed to fulfill specific functions, and then go away. Thats why Horus was raised so much higher than others.

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Why did fulgrim join Horus?

Fulgrim was next ordered by Horus to meet with Ferrus Manus, the primarch of the Iron Hands Legion and Fulgrim’s greatest friend amongst his brother primarchs, aboard his flagship, the Battle Barge Fist of Iron, in the hope that he could be swayed to the side of Horus and the other Traitor Legions who now served Chaos.

Could Horus have won?

Not only did Horus have a good chance to win, he was expected to win. This was the undisputed conclusion of the greatest war savants of the Mechanicus, Imperial Auxilia and ol Rogal Dorn himself.

Is the Emperor a god 40k?

The Emperor himself did not wish to be considered a deity, but his deeds during the Great Crusade and the very fact of his existence – an immortal man, and the most powerful psyker in the history of thegalaxy – gave rise to a cult, known as the Lectitio Divinitatus, based on a tome written by the Primarch Lorgar.

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What is the God-Emperor’s name?

Sly Marbo is the actual God-Emperor of Mankind. The guy with the long hair and a halo on top of his head is just a random last minute replacement Marbo found who got a few drops of Marbo’s sweat on his face.