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Why do you think Apple has been able to stimulate innovation successfully?

Why do you think Apple has been able to stimulate innovation successfully?

It’s because they focused on their biggest strength, making a product easy to use. This meant people who may have never touched a technology before could all of a sudden use it with relative ease. And that’s what makes them innovative.

How does Apple affect innovation?

Increase product range: Innovation encourages the development of a new products and a wider product range. EXAMPLE: Apple innovation created the iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, and Apple Watch. Reduces costs: Innovation can improve processes and make them more efficient.

Is Apple still innovative?

It is true that Apple does not do much in terms of innovation, but they are still the most anticipated hardware tech show in the world. Apple has always done a good job at keeping their products updated so that there isn’t a need for them to innovate anything else other than colors and size options.

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Why are Apple products different from their competitors products?

There are no silos inside Apple and all decisions are made by this single executive committee. That is why everything Apple does works together so seamlessly. This difference in the way Apple runs its company compared to competitors can’t be emphasized enough. It gives Apple a big edge over the competition.

Why is Apple successful globally?

Although Apple’s consistency may be veiled as a one-size-fits-all approach, the company’s localized branding for other countries makes it successful worldwide. Apple’s international success is evidenced by the fact that the company is almost non-existent on certain social media platforms.

Why has Apple been so successful?

Apple went public in 1980, but Jobs eventually left—only to triumphantly return several years later. Apple’s success lies in a strategic vision that transcended simple desktop computing to include mobile devices and wearables. Both performance and design are key drivers of the Apple brand and its ongoing success.

What type of innovation is Apple?

Apple Inc. is an excellent example of an established company which utilizes both incremental and radical innovation to its advantage. While actively maintaining its range of iPods by increasing storage capacity, reducing size and cost, it released the iPad – a radical innovation.

Why are Apple products popular?

Since 2010, Apple has been one of the most valuable companies in the world. 3 It stayed at or near the top for many years after that. 4 The reason Apple is so highly valued is simple on the surface: the company makes popular products with generous margins.

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Why is Apple so behind in technology?

The reason Apple has fallen behind is that its research and development spending has lagged, for years, behind its rivals. A lack of ideas is a gloomy thing to behold in a tech leader. On Tuesday, Apple released its fiscal third quarter results. Revenue is 14.6\% down year-on-year.

Why are Apple products better?

Cutting-edge products Apple is known for designing products that are atypical yet the best as well as unparalleled. Take the iPhone X for instance, the phone uses the A11 Bionic chip – the fastest and the smartest mobile phone in the world. Structurally, functionally and aesthetically, Apple leads in every way.

How does Apple influence consumer Behaviour?

The key factor that influences consumers’ behavior is the ability of Apple’s products to meet their specific needs and expectations (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2000). Apple’s campaign strategy urges customers to think differently in terms of technology and new experiences with the iPhone.

Why is Apple so successful at marketing?

Apple’s Marketing is Built on Simplicity That’s how Apple has consistently positioned their marketing, keeping messaging and visuals simple. Most of the marketing is free of things like feature lists, pricing, or expensive special effects. They know the product will sell itself without relying on pomp and circumstance.

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Is Apple innovative or just successful?

From this viewpoint, he said, Apple is innovative. “It has been generally more successful than many of its rivals in incorporating novel features and technological solutions in its products while making them very attractive to a broad set of customers,” said Nary, an expert in technology and innovation management.

Why are apple’s sales slowing?

Tim Cook noted in a letter to investors in January that sales were low because of slow growth in developing markets, and he specifically called out trade tensions caused by the current U.S administration. But the letter also references developed markets in which “iPhone upgrades also were not as strong as we thought they would be.”

Is Apple really making the best products in the world?

“Our North Star is making the best products in the world,” says Apple CEO Tim Cook . [Photo: ioulex ] The only things more impressive than Apple’s financial numbers are the products that generated them.

Did Steve Jobs predict the current situation at Apple?

The current situation was actually predicted by Steve Jobs himself early in his career, when he foresaw Apple would likely follow in the footsteps of Xerox and IBM if the company “got away from the innovation that made them so successful in the first place.”