Are questions repeated in SSC CGL Tier 2?

Are questions repeated in SSC CGL Tier 2?

A number of questions from the previous years were repeated. Looking at the difficulty level of the paper, we can say that one can easily attempt 70-72 questions. In order to take a lead, one needs to attempt around 75-80 questions for good attempts.

Do questions repeat in SSC GD?

Do the questions from the SSC GD Constable Previous Year Papers repeat in the upcoming examination? The exact questions from the SSC GD CONSTABLE Previous Year Papers will never repeat in the upcoming examination. But yes, similar types of questions are what the candidate will witness every year.

Does vocabulary repeat in SSC CGL?

Most of the exams like SSC-CGL, IBPS PO, CAT, GRE Exams demand a vocabulary test. It has been seen that most of the words that come in the exam are oft-repeated. Hence, learning the words that came in previous years exams will get good grades in the exam.

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Do questions repeat in SSC CGL shifts?

In this article you will get the list of actual questions that were asked in the examinations, candidates are advised to revise these questions properly as there are high chances that the same type of questions will be repeated in the coming shifts.

How can I score 170 in SSC Chsl?

In order to score 170+, you must attempt at least 88-90 questions with accuracy that can be a bit daunting task. Considering the competitive environment and the next stages, this score has become a necessity. Divide your time as per each section and attempt within the time frame.

How can I improve my vocabulary for SSC CGL?

Here are some important tips to master the vocabulary given by experts:

  1. Read Newspapers/ Editorial Articles.
  2. Bookmark the Difficult Words.
  3. Attempt Previous Year Question Paper.
  4. Attempt Daily Quizzes and Mock Tests on BYJU’S Exam Prep.
  5. Relate the Word to other Words.
  6. Create Your Sentences.
  7. Record Your Voice.
  8. Use Mnemonics.
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How can I teach English for competitive exam?

Here are some tips and trick to crack English for Competitive Exams:

  1. Make a timetable.
  2. Read English Newspaper daily.
  3. Learn about grammar rules.
  4. Practice with previous year question papers.
  5. Improve vocabulary.
  6. Focus on the concepts and no rote learning.
  7. Self-Evaluate time to time.

How can I study effectively for SSC?

How to Prepare General Intelligence and Reasoning for SSC CGL Exam 2020-21 Tier 1

  1. Solve SSC CGL Practice Set of last year’s question papers as much as possible.
  2. Practice GI and Reasoning questions every day.
  3. Topics like puzzles, figure-based questions, analogy, coding-decoding, series, are particularly scoring.