Could Sauron have controlled the Balrog?

Could Sauron have controlled the Balrog?

The straight forward answer is yes. Sauron, even without the ring, was the most powerful being in Middle-Earth. What’s more, Sauron was second in command to Morgoth, who is supposed to be Satan, who controlled the Balrogs in his army.

Who is the most powerful Maiar?

~ Sauron was indeed the most powerful of the maiar and what made him excessively more powerful than any other being under the valar was the power he was given by Melkor. Remember the ballrogs were maiar too, so take the mightiest (Sauron) and add the extra might of power Morgoth passed on to him.

Can Gandalf Shapeshift?

18 HE CAN SHAPESHIFT As glorious as his Super Saiyan form is, it’s actually a pretty low key transformation for him. Gandalf wasn’t born to be the spitting image of Sir Ian McKellan, his real form — as a Maia — is formless.

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What can Sauron shapeshift into?

A few shapes that Sauron has turned into are:

  • a werewolf, in the fight against Huan.
  • a serpent/snake, in the fight against Huan.
  • a vampire/bat, after the fight against Huan.
  • a fair form, known as Annatar in the Second Age, in which he deceived Elves and Men.

What is Dur Durin’s Bane?

Durin’s Bane was one of the Maiar spirits that existed before the world was created (of the same race as Gandalf and Saruman ), who descended into Arda with the Valar. It was eventually seduced and corrupted by Melkor, becoming one of the Valaraukar and joining with the other Balrogs in Morgoth’s service.

How do you get Gandalf on Durin’s Bane?

When they reach the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, he appears in a cutscene where Gandalf destroys the bridge and the Balrog pulls him down. Then, the player is Gandalf and has to grab Glamdring and land on Durin’s Bane, where he has to stab it while avoiding the Balrog’s firey breath. When this is over, the game starts another cutscene that ends the level.

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How tall is Bane in The Lord of the Rings?

The Balrog was also portrayed in Peter Jackson’s live-action film trilogy, as a giant, black creature covered in flame. Although Tolkien described it as being taller than a man but not huge, Durin’s Bane in the film is at least twenty feet tall.

Did the Balrog kill Durin VI?

It slew Durin VI that year, and his son Náin I attempted to destroy it a year later in 1981. He was also slain by the Balrog. In TA 2799 after the Battle of Azanulbizar, Thráin II wished to reenter Moria, but was stopped by Dáin Ironfoot, who alone had reached the threshold and saw the waiting Balrog.