Did Lily have feelings for Severus Snape?

Did Lily have feelings for Severus Snape?

Obviously Lily ultimately chose James Potter over Severus Snape, and Lily and James got married and had their only child, Harry Potter. But Lily could have just as easily made another choice, and despite some of Snape’s more obvious negative qualities she certainly did have strong feelings for him as well.

Did Snape insult Lily Potter in front of Harry Potter?

Snape never insulted Lily in front of Harry, which was a huge clue to foreshadow why he bothered to ever help the boy in the first place.

Why does Snape call Lily Potter a Mudblood?

It adds a level of affection that book Snape doesn’t seem capable of. Usually, loving someone means putting their happiness first. However, this isn’t always the case, as seen in Lily and Snape’s tumultuous relationship. Being a Slytherin may be why Snape feels compelled to call her a Mudblood, but it’s no excuse for the awful slur.

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Why did James and Lily Potter need to be together?

Who knows where James and Lily’s relationship would have gone if they had survived, but one of the biggest and most obvious reasons why they needed to be together when they were together was simply because Harry Potter wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Why can’t Snape move on from Lily and James?

Snape was in love with Lily and can’t move on because of his guilt. Through his memories, it’s revealed that he was worried about Harry’s future when Lily and James died and that he was afraid of seeing Harry when he’s old enough to attend Hogwarts. He can hardly bear to see Harry every day, being reminded of Lily and everything he lost.

Did Snape love Lily Evans more or James Potter more?

Or “Absolutely Snape loved her more..” It is quite easy to tell who loved her more. James Potter loved Lily Evans more. How can I say this with any amount of certainty? Because love is about change. It is about more than you. Love is about compromise.

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Did Snape have a crush on Lily Potter before they met?

The two were originally neighbors, with Snape hailing from the wrong side of the tracks. As per his memories, he obviously had a crush on Lily long before they formally met. Petunia even accused him of spying on them when the sisters played together.

Is Lily Evans Potter in Snape’s worst memory?

14 Lily Is A Part Of Snape’s Worst Memory. For all her role as the love of Snape’s life, Lily Evans Potter also remains a pretty huge part of Snape’s worst memory in chapter 28 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, mentioned above.

What memories does Snape share with Harry as he dies?

As Snape is taking his last breaths he shares some of his memories with Harry, most notably the moment that Severus discovered that Lily had been killed and a moment where Dumbledore asks Snape if he still loves Lily after all this time. And of course, Severus responds with “always”.

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Why did Lily Potter hate Snape so much?

Her and Snape were best friends, but Lilly didnt like the crowd Snape was hanging out with (AKA future Death Eaters), which was one contributing factor. Then one day, James was making fun of Snape (again) by hanging him up by the ankle.

Did Lily Potter make Snape a better person?

Lily undoubtedly made Snape a better person, but their relationship was far from being one-sided. James and Lily were both students in Gryffindor, so it goes without saying that they have some natural bravery and boldness in them.