How did Britain take over Hong Kong and other parts of China?

How did Britain take over Hong Kong and other parts of China?

The Qing dynasty ceded Hong Kong to the British Empire in 1842 through the treaty of Nanjing, ending the First Opium War. Hong Kong then became a British crown colony. Britain also won the Second Opium War, forcing the Qing Empire to cede Kowloon in 1860, while leasing the New Territories for 99 years from 1898.

Which country took of rule of Hong Kong after Britain?

Republic of China
The Hong Kong handover, domestically known as the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, was the formal passing of authority over the territory of the then colony of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China at midnight on 1 July 1997.

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Why did Britain hand back Hong Kong?

What led to the handover? Britain first took over Hong Kong island in 1842, after defeating China in the First Opium War. In 1898, to enforce its control of the area, the UK leased additional land, known as the New Territories, promising to return them to China in 99 years.

Was Hong Kong a British colony?

The United Kingdom had held Hong Kong as a colony since 1841, when it occupied the area during the First Opium War. The final treaty, the 1898 Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory, leased the New Territories to Britain for 99 years.

Is Singapore its own country?

Singapore gained self-governance in 1959 and in 1963 became part of the new federation of Malaysia, alongside Malaya, North Borneo, and Sarawak. Ideological differences led to Singapore being expelled from the federation two years later and it became an independent country.

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Does the British influence still exist in Hong Kong?

What Remains of British Influence Still Exist in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was a British colony from 1841 to 1997 – well over 150 years.

Why do British cars drive on the left in Hong Kong?

The reason being, Britain was the dominant global power when vehicle traffic started to take off in the early 1900s, and laws stated that, for British colonies, all vehicles must drive on the left. In fact, Hong Kong’s traffic lights, road signs, markings, etc. are exactly as they are in the UK.

What was Hong Kong when it was governed as a colony?

British Hong Kong was Hong Kong when it was governed as a colony and British Dependent Territory of the United Kingdom.

Why did Elliot choose Hong Kong instead of China?

Elliot chose Hong Kong instead of Chusan because he believed a settlement further east would cause an “indefinite protraction of hostilities”, whereas Hong Kong’s harbour was a valuable base for the British trading community in Canton. British rule began with the occupation of the island on 26 January.