Is it worth joining NIT Durgapur?

Is it worth joining NIT Durgapur?

To keep it short and simple, “yes” it’s worth joining. The infrastructure has improved manifold since my time and is very good by Indian standards. The college life, at the risk of me sounding over-enthusiastic, is in itself a reason strong enough to make you join NIT Durgapur.

Is NIT Durgapur a top NIT?

NIT Durgapur Ranking Ranked 96 in NIRF Overall Rankings 2020. Ranked 47 in NIRF Engineering Rankings 2020. Ranked 24 in The Week Best Technical Universities India 2020. Ranked 24 in The Week Top Engineering Colleges India 2020.

How good is NIT Durgapur Quora?

NIT Durgapur is a good college with good placement opportunities. But there is a curve to this line. The placements are only good when you are from non-core branches like CSE, ECE and IT. Even electrical branch is not allowed to sit for most of the top companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, etc.

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Which is better NIT Durgapur or NIT Raipur?

There is no comparison between both the college because they are Govt. recognized college of India. But the according to NIRF ranking NIT Durgapur stands 46 and NIT Raipur stands 74 among all the engineering colleges. Placement wise both colleges have the same opportunities and average of 6 lakhs per annum.

How many acres NIT Durgapur?

187 acres
The Institute spreads over an area of 187 acres of land. It is fully residential and co-educational. At present about 2500 boys and 500 girls reside in seven boys’ hostels and two girls’ hostels. The annual undergraduate intake is more than 1000 students.

How is hostel life at NIT Durgapur?

the hostel facilities are good. there are three students in one room in the first three years. in the final year, you get a single person room. the food in the hostel is also good and tasty you get to eat in the hostels of your seniors and they give love to you.

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How is NIT Durgapur placement Quora?

Placements are pretty decent at NIT Durgapur. Approximately 100 companies, both giants and start ups from almost all sectors visit for recruitment every year and the alumni base is getting strong year after year.