Why is Rajnikanth famous?

Why is Rajnikanth famous?

Rajinikanth, fondly known as Thalaivar, is one of the most celebrated actors of South Indian cinema. Born to a Maharashtrian household, working as a bus conductor to emerging as a respectable actor, the superstar has gone a long way in the industry!

Who is the first love of Rajinikanth?

“After a few days, a call letter from the Adayar film institute had reached Rajinikanth, confirming his admission to the institute. He was surprised as he hadn’t applied for it. However, he later realized that it was Nirmala, whom he lovingly called Nimmy, who sent the application.

What is the real name of Rajinikanth?

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad
Rajinikanth/Full name

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Rajnikanth, also spelled Rajnikant, original name Shivaji Rao Gaikwad, (born December 12, 1950, Bangalore, Mysore [now Bengaluru, Karnataka], India), Indian actor whose unique mannerisms and stylized line delivery made him one of the leading stars of Tamil cinema.

How can I be like Rajinikanth?

#5 Focus on what’s inside, not the outside. Rajini is one superstar who has absolutely no qualms about aging, balding or grey hair. He wears a dhoti-kurta most of the time, and still treasures old possessions like clothes, photos and his first car. “[On celluloid, people] feel my hero should look like a hero.

How old is Latha Rajinikanth?

63 years (March 2, 1958)
Latha Rajinikanth/Age

Who is rajini wife?

Latha Rajinikanthm. 1981
Rajinikanth and his wife Latha Rajinikanth have been married for nearly four decades. Latha once painted Rajini’s face with her red lipstick and the cute photo was shared by their daughter, Aishwarya. Rajinikanth and Latha have been married for nearly four decades.

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What is the age of vijayakanth?

69 years (August 25, 1952)

How old is Rajinikanth today?

71 years (December 12, 1950)

Who is called Thaliva?

Veteran actor Rajinikanth fondly called as Thalaiva by his fans, will recieve the 51st #DadasahebPhalkeAward, India’s highest film honour, on May 3, 2021. He had also been honoured with the Padma Bhushan & Padma Vibhushan in the past.

What happened to Rajinikanth’s girlfriend Nimmy?

With a heavy heart, Rajinikanth agreed and left for Chennai after quitting his job as a bus conductor. Within a few days after he began his course in Chennai, he lost contact with Nimmy. Rajinikanth rushed back to Bangalore to enquire about her. However, no one knew where she had gone. Though the actor went to her house, it was locked.

Did you know Rajinikanth and Nirmala were friends?

Rajinikanth, as the conductor of the bus, tried to stop her and the duo ended up having a heated exchange of words. The girl went past Rajinikanth and got inside through the front door itself. Her name was Nirmala and she was an MBBS student. Though Rajinikanth and Nirmala had started off on an unpleasant note, soon they became friends.

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What is the role of Rajinikanth in the movie Anthuleni Katha?

Rajinikanth appeared in the last segment of the film; he played the role as a village ruffian who rapes a blind woman in the absence of her husband. Balachander cast him in a pivotal role in Anthuleni Katha, the Telugu remake of his own Tamil film Aval Oru Thodar Kathai (1974).

Who is Rajinikanth’s wife?

Life moved on for Rajinikanth and years later he met Latha and got married to her on February 26, 1981, at Lord Balaji Temple in Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. They have two children, Aishwarya and Soundarya. “Even when I met Rajini sir recently I asked him whether his Nimmy has come.