Can a CS major become a quant?

Can a CS major become a quant?

While an undergraduate degree in mathematics, theoretical physics, computer science or EEE are most appropriate for quant roles, there are also other degrees that can lead to a top quant role, usually via a postgraduate route.

Is quant a dying field?

Quantitative finance, or quantitative trading, is not a dying field at all- quite the contrary, in fact! As the founder of my own quantitative trading company, I can say with confidence that quantitative trading is the way of the future for the stock market.

What is the best undergraduate degree course for a quant?

Top Undergraduate Degree Course 1 Mathematics. Why do I consider mathematics to be the “best” degree programme for a quant? 2 Theoretical Physics. Physics is the study of how the universe works at the smallest and largest scales. 3 Computer Science. 4 Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

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Should you consider a quant for Life program?

If you fit into that profile and know that you want to be a quant for life, then you should definitely consider an MFE program. The top MFE programs are offered by: Given the high opportunity cost of such programs, I only recommend them if you can get into one of the top schools. Time to Complete: More than a year.

Is economics a good degree to become a quant?

One might think that economics is a highly appropriate degree for becoming a quant, but it is actually not as suitable as the degrees listed above. This is because economics courses are not as mathematically rigourous as mathematics, physics or EEE and as such this presents a question mark for many recruiters and hiring firms.

How hard is it to become a quant/ Financial Engineer?

What makes it hard is the inter-disciplinary knowledge that is required. You need to understand not only finance but also mathematics, calculus, algebra, optimization (operational research), engineering elements, probability theory etc. A quant/ financial engineering career is not for everyone.