How do I know if my girlfriend still loves her ex?

How do I know if my girlfriend still loves her ex?

20 Subtle Signs Your Partner Misses Her Ex

  • She isn’t responsive to your affection.
  • Her thoughts tend to be somewhere else during sex.
  • She holds on to mementos from her ex.
  • She professes her love for you constantly.
  • She browses her ex’s social media accounts frequently.
  • She suddenly talks a lot more about her ex…

Is it OK to like your ex post?

If you are liking your ex’s posts because you are on good terms and there’s no lingering romantic attachment, this is OK, but best saved for major life events. “Unless you had a really solid friendship before you began dating, you should try and keep a little bit of distance,” says Kenny.

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Should you delete an ex from social media?

Why you should always delete your ex on social media, according to a break-up expert. Chan said she 100\% endorses deleting any trace of you ex from social media after a breakup because it helps your brain heal.

Is it OK to keep your ex’s pictures?

Ultimately, the ball is completely in your court when it comes to dealing with pictures of you and your ex. But if having them around will negatively affect your healing process or is upsetting a current partner, then it’s best to leave the past in the past for the time being.

Should you like her pictures on Instagram?

Obviously, liking a girl’s recent post is good. Liking a handful of photos when you’ve recently followed her or are maybe trying to get her attention is also okay. Liking an older photo isn’t as embarrassing as people have made it out to be, especially if you’ve already established some kind of repertoire.

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Is your ex still liking your pictures on social media?

Of course, with the growth of social media, it seems your ex doesn’t need to literally see you to see what you’re doing. And when your ex is still liking your pictures, it can be confusing to know what’s up.

Is it a sign of disrespect to your ex if you like photos?

Especially if they’re liking every photo. I think that it’s a sign of blatant disrespect to your significant other because you are publicly saying you like something about the person you are liking the photos of. I don’t personally do it. If I were liking my ex’s social media at all, in my mind that means I’m still interested in that person.

How to get your ex off your Instagram?

If your old boo liking everything you post makes you feel uncomfy — you don’t have to stand for it. From blocking to unfollowing, there are lots of ways to get your ex off your Insta.

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What does it mean when your ex loves your Instagram posts?

But what does it mean if your ex likes literally every pic you post? “If it ended well, and both of you have truly emotionally moved on, then it could simply mean that they still are happy that you are in their life, even if just digitally, and that is enough for them,” Dr. Brown shares.