Is Itis good in TCS?

Is Itis good in TCS?

There is virtually unlimited amount of potential in this field and TCS has probably taken one of the smallest step in one of the most gigantic field of opportunity and is undoubtedly destined to some outstanding performance in ITIS in years to come. …

Is TCS coding tough?

Technical coding section is tough. Especially when there is a humongous collection of questions, they can possibly pull on you – it can feel impossible to be well-prepared. TCS NQT coding questions range from easy to medium difficulty level.

Is coding required for TCS?

How much of “Coding” knowledge is required for TCS NQT? Good news!!! Not much. You definitely need not worry about Algorithms, Data Structures, or command-line programs.

What is ITIS domain in TCS?

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ITIS is IT Infrastructure services division of TCS.

Is itis and CBO same in TCS?

ITIS iou is specified as CBO. It would be support say database or server or storage administration or so. Career growth is good but flexible work timings. Depending on the proj/team pressure will be medium to high.

Does TCS Ninja repeat questions?

Our TCS Ninja NQT – Set of 100 Repeated Coding Questions will give you an excellent chance to stretch your wings. Hardly one hour each day for 25 days will take you nearer to the success!

Is TCS Ninja Interview tough?

After passing the NQT Round, you will be eligible for the TCS NINJA Technical Interview. This is the most challenging stage of the hiring process, so do your best to prepare for it. The focus of the entire interview process will be on your technical knowledge, biography, and primary projects.

Is Python enough for TCS?

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The coding section plays a vital role in the Aptitude Test of TCS NQT. Being thorough in anyone of the following languages – C, C++, Java, Perl, or Python, is considered the golden buzzer for completing the Coding Section.