What are the 3 UEFA languages?

What are the 3 UEFA languages?

The lyrics are in UEFA’s three official languages: English, French, and German.

What is the official language of UEFA?


Official languages English French German (other main but not official: Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish)
President Aleksander Čeferin
First vice-president Karl-Erik Nilsson
Vice-presidents Zbigniew Boniek Sándor Csányi Luis Rubiales Fernando Gomes Michele Uva
General secretary Theodore Theodoridis

How many leagues are there in UEFA?

UEFA Champions League

Founded 1955 (rebranded in 1992)
Number of teams 32 (group stage) 79 (total)
Qualifier for UEFA Super Cup FIFA Club World Cup
Related competitions Europa League (2nd tier) Europa Conference League (3rd tier)
Current champions Chelsea (2nd title)
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Do all footballers speak English?

FIFA, international soccer’s governing body, actually lists four official languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. Soccer referees for FIFA and UEFA, Europe’s soccer federation, may speak several languages, but English is generally the default.

What does UEFA govern?

the Union of European Football Associations
UEFA – the Union of European Football Associations – is the governing body of European football and the umbrella organisation for 55 national associations.

What languages are used in the European Commission?

While documents for and communication with citizens are in every official EU language as a right, day-to-day work in the European Commission is based around its three working languages: English, French, and German. Of these English and French are used the most often.

Why are there no official languages in the European Union?

Luxembourgish and Turkish (which have official status in Luxembourg and Cyprus, respectively) are the only two official languages of EU member states that are not official languages of the EU. The EU asserts that it is in favour of linguistic diversity. This principle is enshrined in the EU Charter of fundamental rights (art.

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What are the 5 most spoken languages in Europe?

The five most spoken languages in the EU are English (44\%), German (36\%), French (29\%), Italian (18\%) and Spanish (17\%). At 20\% of the total number of speakers, German is the most widely spoken native language, followed by French, Italian and Spanish.

What is the European Union doing to improve language education?

The EU Parliament has made clear that its member states have autonomy for language education, which by treaty the Union must respect. The vast majority of EU languages belong to the Indo-European family: the three dominant subfamilies are the Germanic, Romance, and Slavic.