What does the A mean in INFJ A?

What does the A mean in INFJ A?

Assertive Advocate
Assertive Advocate (INFJ-A)

Which is better INFJ A or INFJ T?

Any personality with an A would be a lot calmer, less self-conscious but also less driven version of their MBTI. So an INFJ-A would be a level-headed, less stressed and less perfectionistic INFJ. A T is usually the more compulsive, stressed and driven INFJ.

What does A and T stand for in personality test?

Confidence, Achievement, and You The Identity scale, made up of the Assertive and Turbulent personality traits, affects all other scales and indicates how confident we are in our abilities and decisions. The Mind (Introversion and Extraversion) and Identity scales bookend our personality model.

What makes INFJs different?

Not only are INFJs unique people, but they are often drawn to things which are unique or different. They rarely find themselves conforming to social norms, and can find these types of things to be shallow and misplaced. INFJs are drawn to things that are special to them, things which go much deeper beyond the surface.

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What is INFJ T personality?

An Advocate (INFJ) is someone with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. They tend to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination. Their inner vision, personal values, and a quiet, principled version of humanism guide them in all things.

What is an INFJ personality type?

The INFJ Personality Type – i.e. “The Mystic” INFJs are conscientious and have a gift for intuitively understanding complex meanings and human relationships. They believe strongly in their insights and often have an uncanny sense of the emotions, feelings, and motivations of other people.

How do INFJ’s make decisions?

INFJs make decisions based on ideas and theories that they form based on their own insights. INFJs rely primarily on their introverted intuition and extroverted feeling when making decisions, particularly when they are around other people. When they are alone, however, people with this personality type may rely more on their introverted thinking.

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Do INFJs like to make small talk?

People with an INFJ personality type dislike small talk and prefer deep, meaningful conversations. Although they can sometimes be extroverted, as stated above, INFJs are largely introverted by nature and generally do not enjoy socializing. Small talk is polite and nice, but it keeps off emotional intimacy.

Why do INFJs withdraw from friends?

The reason for withdrawing is not that they are anti-social; rather, it is because they like recharging their energy by spending time by themselves. Time alone can help them clear their heads. It can be hard for a person with an INFJ personality to truly open up, even to their close friends.