Which cloud certification is most valuable?

Which cloud certification is most valuable?

10 most valuable cloud certifications

  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate.
  • Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert.
  • Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
  • CompTIA Cloud+

Which cloud certification is best for future?

8 Certification Gems for a Lucrative Cloud Computing Career

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate.
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate.
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

What is the most valuable AWS certification?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certificate
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional certificate is the most in-demand IT certification for 2021. 5 Global Knowledge reports that in 2020, survey participants with this certification were the highest earners, with an average annual salary of $169,611.

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Which cloud platform is in-demand?

The most in-demand cloud platforms are AWS by Amazon, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, SAP, Rackspace Cloud, Oracle and Google Cloud Platform.

Which cloud is best for jobs?

When looking at big-picture, across-all-roles salaries based on public cloud skills, AWS just barely edges out Google Cloud for the highest average salary across jobs, according to PayScale (AWS, GCP, Azure March 2021).

Is AWS still in-demand?

AWS skills are sitting high on the list of most in-demand skills for employers. Use the search term “Cloud” for a simple full-time jobs search today on and you will see that there are more than 70,000 results. Of these Amazon Web Services (AWS) skills are the most in-demand skills with 25,361 open jobs.

What is the difference between Google Cloud and Amazon EC2?

Both cloud providers have adopted a similar approach to VMs, though they use different naming conventions for their individual product offerings. Compute Engine is the service offering on the Google Cloud Platform, while Amazon Web Services is named Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

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Is AWS still the leader of the cloud computing industry?

AWS has stayed right around the same, while Azure and Google Cloud have both seen a fairly significant amount of growth. AWS definitely still is the leader, but this is mainly due to them being the first ones to really invest and shape the cloud computing industry.

Is Microsoft Azure a better choice than AWS?

Though it might lack in features, it is a price leader. Each cloud provider has a specific area of focus. AWS was once a startup and has built with a startup mindset, while Azure inherited its enterprise-focus from the Windows Server and sysadmin tools days, making it ideal for established, existing companies.

What is the best cloud computing service provider?

AWS is the most mature, feature-rich, and enterprise-ready service provider. It has the best capabilities for governing a lot of users and data. Amazon’s cloud platform offers almost every feature that the cloud computing industry has to offer. With their services, you can gain easy access to computing power and storage.