Which NIT has highest average package?

Which NIT has highest average package?

NIT Placements: Salary packages offered

Name of NITs Average Domestic Package (Per annum – in lakh) Highest Domestic Package (Per annum – in lakh)
National Institute of Technology, Durgapur 9 32.5
Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat 11.2 39.5
Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur 7 22

Is there 100 percent placement in NIT?

A. The overall placement rate of NIT Trichy is 90\%.

What is the average package of NIT Allahabad CSE?

Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, also known as MNNIT Allahabad or NIT Allahabad, concluded its placements with highest package of Rs 39.03 LPA and average package of Rs 9.6 LPA.

Does Google visit NIT Allahabad?

Hi gunratna , Till now there are only 4 nits where google or microsoft visited they are nit suratkal, nit trichy , nit warangal and nit allahabad as these four nits are prestigious nit for computer science branch so till now date only these 4 nits had google or microsoft as one of their recruiters.

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Do NITs have good placement?

So here, we have segregated the top NITs as per the placement statistics. The top 10 National Institute of Technology are as follows….National Institute of Technology, Calicut.

NIT Trichy Placement Statistics
Placement Percentage 74\%
Highest CTC INR 49.7 LPA
Average CTC INR 11.58 LPA

Which NIT has highest average package for CSE?

NIT Goa has experienced an overall rise in the number of jobs offered across all streams from various reputed companies. The department of CSE secured the highest placement rate with 100\%. The highest package is 37 lpa with the average package is 12.5 lpa .

Which NIT is best for CSE placement?

Top NIT for B. Tech in Computer Science (B Tech CS)

CSE Seats Placement
NITs State Avg
NIT Warangal 21 15.5
MNNIT Allahabad 35 13.44
NIT Surathkal 20 12.87

What is the cutoff for NIT Allahabad?

NIT Allahabad Cutoff 2020

Quota Branch name Close
HS Civil Engineering 22404
HS Computer Science and Engineering 4222
HS Electrical Engineering 11267
HS Electronics and Communication Engineering 8622
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Does Microsoft recruit from NIT?

The firm is hiring in big numbers from NITs this year, said a couple of placement officials. Microsoft is the top recruiter offering up to Rs 46.5 lakh per annum across most of the NIT campuses while NIT Calicut has seen the highest offer of Rs 67.6 lakh from startup Traceable AI.

Does Google visit NIT Trichy?

This year, NITs took a firm stand against Google, and decided to stop them from recruiting freshers at their campuses. This will clearly be a loss for Google, since top tier companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, DE Shaw and Uber have already been given Day 1 slots in NITs including NIT Trichy.

What is the average package of a CSE student at NIT Allahabad?

The average package is around 13–14 lpa for NIT Allahabad CSE student. Most of the big IT companies, that visit top IIT’s and NIT’s, also visit NIT Allahabad to recruit students. 8 clever moves when you have $1,000 in the bank.

What is the average salary offered to the students at NITS?

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The salary offered to the students has been increasing every year. The highest package given in 2019 was 15.9 LPA which was 12 LPA in 2018. The students received an average salary package of 7.35 LPA in the recent placement drive of the institute. The minimum salary package recorded was of 3.6 LPA.

Which is better MNNIT Allahabad or MNIT Aligarh for CSE?

MNNIT Allahabad also have a good computer centre where you can access to internet with a good speed . And the infrastructure of MNNIT Allahabad is also good but in terms of location MNIT is better than MNNIT again . But again if you’re asking for CSE MNNIT vs CSE MNIT.

How many ECE students are in NIT Delhi 2020?

NIT Delhi Placements 2020 Program-wise Over 147 eligible students participated in the 2020 placement drive from different B.Tech. disciplines such as- ECE, EEE, and CSE. The maximum number of eligible students (55) students were from the department of CSE, while 48 were from EEE and 45 were from the ECE stream.