Who would win Natsu or Meliodas?

Who would win Natsu or Meliodas?

Originally Answered: Who would win in a fight, Natsu or Meliodas? Meliodas is the definite winner for one reason; full counter. With full counter he can bounce back any magical attacks. That means that natsu can not use any of his magic, or else meliodas will just repeal it back with 2x the strength.

Who would win in a fight Krillin or Yamcha?

According to the book, Krillin is stronger than Yamcha during the Saiyan Saga. Yamcha’s power level is 1480, while Krillin’s is 1770. This was also the point when Yamcha pretty much stopped training at the same level as the other characters, while Krillin kept it up until the Cell Saga.

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What episode does Natsu become op?

With Episode 308 of the series, it seems Natsu has finally exploded and awakened his power as E.N.D. after brutally taking down the Spriggan 12’s Dimaria. In Episode 308, Brandish pretends to fight against Lucy and Natsu and she regrows the tumor she once shrank inside of Natsu’s body.

Is Chi Chi stronger than Yamcha?

Even in terms of Physical Strength, Chi Chi’s power is substantially weaker than even Yamcha. The only fighter she might be comparable to in terms of Physical strength would be Chiaotzu. She did have a higher power level than him during the martial arts tournament.

Is Yamcha really weak?

Here’s a hot take: Yamcha isn’t weak. Though Yamcha wasn’t an active player in later sagas, he still has a ton of power for a human, and he could easily be considered overpowered next to ordinary humans, especially if he uses his power while playing professional baseball.

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Would Yamcha be able to beat Vegeta?

If Yamcha takes the fight seriously he can win. Composite characters. The yamcha of the manga spin-off, has a power over 10,000, killed Nappa easily, and was able to give a good fight to Vegeta. -Technically 10,000 is the minimum PL to be a Planet Buster.

Who would win in a fight Deku or Aoyama?

No offense to Aoyama, but there’s no doubt in our minds that Deku would win in this fight. Thanks to his belly bolts, Aoyama has the benefit of having some range.

What is Naruto’s only shot at Yamcha?

Naruto’s only shot is the Tailed-Beast Bomb Barrage. Yamcha should be able to dodge them….but if he doesn’t he gets wrecked. Yamcha’s Kamehameha after a brief charge should put Naruto down. Composite Yamcha is ridiculously broken.

Could Deku have beaten Jiro in a fight?

When it comes to Deku versus Jiro, the latter has an edge for a very specific reason. Deku’s currently better at fighting at an extremely close range, while Jiro is a distance fighter. If she was able to get a few good hits off before he closes in, there’s a solid chance that she could win the fight.