Who would win the flash or Captain Marvel?

Who would win the flash or Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel was originally seen as a mystical, magic version of Superman. While Flash is faster, Captain Marvel may be able to take down Flash by calling down a lightning storm. If you want to take things ironically, just like lightning have him abilities, lightning can defeat him.

Who can defeat Vision?

5 DC Heroes Vision Would Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose Against)

  • 3 Could Beat: Wonder Woman.
  • 4 Could Not Beat: Doctor Fate.
  • 5 Could Beat: Cyborg.
  • 6 Could Not Beat: Martian Manhunter.
  • 7 Could Not Beat: The Flash.
  • 8 Could Beat: Aquaman.
  • 9 Could Not Beat: Superman.
  • 10 Could Beat: Green Arrow.

Can The Flash beat the Scarlet Witch?

No he can not. The Scarlet witch is the manifestation of chaos magic in the Marvel multiverse and is a nexus being with the power to warp reality to however she sees fit.

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Is Iron Man stronger than Vision?

Iron Man could easily overpower vision in a one on one fight. Two answers to this: A. Vision phase through Iron Man before he can any counter measures or attacks then just Rephase as he passes through him.

Who can defeat flash?

Anyone with Infinity Stones can beat Flash, Silver Surfer can beat Flash, many cosmic charachters can beat flash because flash cant time travel to another planet. So anyone with unbreakable skin or suit is invincible to flash, super speed is a plus for the charachters.

Who would win Hulk or Ironman?

Originally Answered: Can Iron Man defeat Hulk? Yes, most definitely. As others have pointed out Tony actually beat the Hulk in his Mk. 5 armor which is 50+ armors old.

Is vision better than Marvel’s MCU competitors?

On the other hand, Vision will definitely blitz through certain other DCEU competitors. As far as powerful characters go, the DC Extended Universe offers better options than those found in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are exceptions, though, with one of these being none other than the Vision.

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Can DCEU Batman beat Superman with vision?

DCEU Batman only beat Superman because of Kryptonite and external factors, neither of which apply to Vision. This Batman isn’t known for the preparation time skill of comics Batman, so Vision easily takes this one.

Can vision counter Superman’s Strength?

Most Vision supporters will like to argue that Vision can counter Superman’s strength by turning incorporeal. However, there’s also the fact that Superman has ridiculous amounts of speed. So much so, that he was able to perceive and defeat The Flash, who has the power of the speed force.

What happened to visionvision in the comics?

Vision’s body was then reassembled in a white form and reactivated through a sample of Maximoff’s Chaos Magic, and was employed by S.W.O.R.D. as their sentient weapon. Initially programmed to eliminate Maximoff and another Vision, Vision’s memories were restored, prompting him to flee.