Why did the Emperor keep the webway project a secret?

Why did the Emperor keep the webway project a secret?

The Emperor states he kept the plan a secret to prevent an uprising from the Navigator Guilds. Since the Webway would render them useless they would lose their power and status, and He worried they rise up.

Do necrons use the webway?

The Necrons are known to make use of the Webway as they are a species that are deprived of psykers. Without the Webway, they would be forced to rely on slow moving stasis-ships which would doom them to isolation.

Was Horus stronger than the Emperor?

So at the end of the Siege of Terra, the Emperor defeats Horus in single combat. Despite having serious injuries, it seems like once the Emperor decides to actually fight, he is able to dispatch Horus quite quickly.

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How was Horus able to beat the Emperor?

Generally speaking, the Emperor was going easy on Horus, combined with Horus having a vastly upgraded power level. However, when the Emperor saw Horus couldn’t be turned from his path, he blasted Horus out of existence. If and when we do get a proper look at the fight between them, it will likely have a lot of talking.

What was the Emperor of Mankind’s plan?

With the Unification of Terra achieved, the Emperor next set in motion His plan to defend and better Humanity across the galaxy, by unifying those lost bastions of Mankind scattered across the myriad stars under the aegis of the newborn Imperium. This extraordinary undertaking would become known as the Great Crusade.

Could Sanguinius have defeated Horus?

Therefore, if Sanguinius was fresh from the start and engaged Horus, could he win instead of getting killed. Fact: Russ stated that there were two Primarchs he couldn’t defeat: Sanguinius and Conrad Kuze but Russ was strong enough to nearly end Horus’s life if not for his hesitation.

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What if Horus Heresy never happened?

If the Horus Heresy had never happened, humanity would have dominated. Instead of a future full of war, the galaxy would have seen aliens exterminated and a relative utopia of galactic flourishing for mankind.

How do Eldar ships enter the webway?

Uses. Through large arterial passages, spacecraft are able to journey into the Webway and allow the Eldar to move throughout the galaxy in order to wage war. Most such tunnels, however, can only allow small strike forces to travel on foot or potentially allow vehicles into their doorways.

Why did Horus go back to Terra?

After the Ullanor Crusade, the Emperor named Horus as Warmaster and returned to Terra in order to work on the Webway Project. The project was mired in the greatest secrecy. Not even the Primarchs knew why the Emperor returned to Terra and this created a degree of resentment among many, especially Horus.

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What is the significance of the eye of Horus?

Horus was the Primarch of the Luna Wolves Legion of Space Marines, later renamed the Sons of Horus, the first Imperial Warmaster, the most favoured son of the Emperor of Mankind, and ultimately, the greatest traitor in the history of Mankind. The infamous Eye of Horus.

How was Horus created in Star Wars?

Created as a genetically-engineered organism by the Emperor in the Imperial gene-laboratories under the Himalazian (Himalayan) Mountains on Terra in the late 30th Millennium, Horus, along with his brother primarchs, were scattered across the Milky Way Galaxy through the Warp by the machinations of the Ruinous Powers of Chaos.

How did Horus lead the XVIth Legion?

After the Emperor discovered the Legion’s Primarch Horus on the world of Cthonia, and gave him command of the Luna Wolves, Horus went on to lead the XVI th Legion in earning thousands of battle honours over the span of the 200 standard years of the Great Crusade .