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Are the people in the walls Marleyans?

Are the people in the walls Marleyans?

Walldians are the characters we’re familiar with: Eren, Armin, Jean etc. (Mikasa and Levi aren’t named because they’re not Eldians). The “Marleyans” are the main shifters – Reiner, Bert, Annie, Zeke, and the warrior candidates like Gabi and Falco.

Is Paradis Island Eldian?

Paradis Island (パラディ島 Paradi-tō?) is a massive Eldian island on which the Walls Rose, Sina, and Maria are located. It is just off the coast of Marley. Marley uses the island as a dumping ground for its Eldian criminals, turning them into Pure Titans as punishment.

Is everyone on Paradis island a Titan?

All the group was taken at the border of the Paradise Island and were about the get turned into titans by having injectes titan spinal fluid in their nape. Out of every other member of the group he is the only one who stayed alive thanks to the Owl, the Eldia agent inflitrated in the Marley Police forces.

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Are Eldians the only ones who can turn into titans?

Only Eldians, Subjects of Ymir, can become Titans and only Ymir’s direct lineage of royal descendants can use the powers of the Founding Titan, or the Coordinate.

Is everyone in the Walls an Eldian?

According to Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, and Annie Leonhart, the false king and the nobles who ruled the interior of the Walls are Eldians of another race. This confirms that, even in modern times, not all Eldians are Subjects of Ymir. This means that not all Subjects of Ymir are Eldians.

Are the people living inside the Walls Eldians?

The Eldians left on the mainland were captured by their former subjects and made second-class citizens, only spared extermination because their ability to be turned into Titans was useful in warfare. As of AoT present-day, Eldia doesn’t exist anymore; the only free Eldians in the world live within the Walls.

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Is Reiner a Eldian?

Reiner trained to become a Warrior candidate Reiner comes from the Liberio internment zone in Marley, which he refers to as his hometown. He was born to an Eldian mother, Karina Braun and a Marleyan father.

Why do the Marleyans hate Paradis Island?

The Marleyans hate Eldians because they were their former oppressors. And the Eldians in the internment zones don’t like the Eldians on Paradis, because they see them as a remnant of the old Eldian Empire that oppressed other people.

Is Reiner Marley or Eldian?