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Can Darth nihilus beat Darth Revan?

Can Darth nihilus beat Darth Revan?

Revan is stated to be more powerful than Nihilus in The Force but that doesn’t matter in fight with him. In fact it’s a problem, Nihilus becomes more powerful based on his opponents strength. He used his force drain on Visas after he had been weakened by the Exile’s wound in the force.

Is Darth Vader more powerful than Darth Revan?

Yes. Whilst Darth Revan was almost as powerful as Anakin, when he became Vader he grew even more powerful. Anakin was on of the best in a duel but, unlike Revan, lacked the force, Revan had many different force abilities like force lightning that Vader was unable to use because he lost his hands.

Is Darth Nihilus the strongest Force user?

Darth Nihilus was an extremely powerful Sith Lord, and most likely in the top 10. Anyone who wasn’t an experienced Force user in his presence alone would eventually turn into a husk without Nihilus even attempting to do so. His draining feats did make him an extremely powerful Sith, but also extremely vulnerable.

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Is Darth Nihilus too powerful for Darth Revan?

Darth Nihilus will probably be too much for ol’ Revan to handle. Revan can obviously contend and win some battles, but as shown with his fight with Vitiate, he’s not a planet-tier combatant. Also, Darth Nihilus’ unique connection to the Force and powers may disrupt Revan’s “immortal” card that he seems to like to play in battles.

Is Revan canonically stronger than Sith Lord?

He’s more lovecraftian beast than Sith Lord. Revan might be smart enough to turn the “drain” away somehow, but I don’t know for sure. Nihilus might have it. Revan is canonically stronger. Nihilus drain being overrated as usual.

Who is canonically stronger Revan or Nihilus?

Nihilus might have it. Revan is canonically stronger. Nihilus drain being overrated as usual. Nihilus drains… but yeah, basically. Never put much stock in that.

Is Nihilus a planetarey Sith?

Vitiate has all the evidence to be about Nihilus. Nihilus is a genuine planetary tier Sith Lord with telekinesis feats which are easily beyond anything Revan has ever done. No he is not planetarey, he is only that in range, he is multi continental at most.