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Can you be INFJ and INTP?

Can you be INFJ and INTP?

Both INFJ and INTP personality types are rare. It’s nearly as rare for an INFJ to meet an INTP as it is for an INFJ to meet someone of their same personality type. When these two introverted intuitives do come across one another, it can feel like they’ve met a unicorn.

Why did I go from INFP to INTP?

INTP value logic more, while INFP value their own beliefs more. You are bullied by others, or people are rejecting you, then you think that you should no longer rely on people, feelings(INFP), and started to develop interest in understanding complex logic(INTP).

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Why did I change from INFJ to INFP?

Originally Answered: Why did my MBTI change from INFJ to INFP? Because you’re relying too much on the self-reporting test, rather than understanding the meaning behind the letters. INFJ and INFP are pieces of code that convey your preferred cognitive styles.

Are Infjs smarter than Intps?

Overall INTJs have the highest collective IQ of all types, with INTP being close seconds. And the third smartest type is overall INFJ. This being clarified, INFP tend to be very smart and I would say that on average they’re arguably around fourth place.

Are Infp and INTP similar?

INTPs (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Perceiving) and INFPs (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving) are two personalities that, at first glance, share many similarities. In spite of their similarities, INTPs and INFPs perceive the world differently. INTPs are logic oriented.

Are Infp smarter than Infj?

It provides only one data point about the distribution of IQs within a type. Using that to say INFPs are statistically smarter than INFJs is a huge unsupported leap.

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What INTP thinks about INFJ?

So, to sum it up for INFJ’s: us INTP’s do appreciate your introvertness, deep thinking, and empathic abilities.

Can your personality change after taking the MBTI?

No, your personality can not change. Getting a personality is a process that can take till about 25–30 years old before it is consolidated though. Before that time it is not accurate to take the test. The MBTI is only a means of defining your personality type and is not thought very accurate anymore.

What is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)?

The first Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, also known as Step I, was an instrument to identify individuals who have similar preferences leading to an assigned personality type. The terms INFJ, or ESFP are well-known to many individuals.

Are INTPs difficult to fit into a mental age?

Of all the types, INTPs may be the most difficult to fit into a particular mental age. This type has the intellectual capacity and decisiveness of someone much older than themselves combined with the insatiable curiosity of a very young child. This type may best be described as “45 going on 3.”

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What is the personality of an INTJ?

Your whole life is your time to shine. INTJs seem to mentally age at twice the rate of most other types. Their lifelong quest for knowledge means they advance intellectually in leaps and bounds – they have little patience for the constraints of youth and tend to befriend adults from the time they are young.