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Can you make good money on Shutterstock?

Can you make good money on Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is one of the most popular microstock sites in the world. As a contributor, Shutterstock has several advantages. Their payment percentage is higher than some other microstock sites, their minimum payout amount is less than most, and they offer a few different options to help you earn more money.

Is selling on Shutterstock worth it?

Selling your photos can be an excellent way to make extra money with your photography business. While you can certainly sell photos on your site, don’t forget that you can sell your photos on third-party websites, too.

What is minimum payout in Shutterstock?

The “Minimum payout” field indicates the amount of earnings that must accrue in your account before a payment can be made. The minimum payment amount is $35 and the maximum level for any payment via Payoneer, Paypal or Skrill is $2000.

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How do I generate passive income on Shutterstock?

You simply need to create your photo portfolio, upload images to the photo platform, and then the activity becomes completely passive. All the technicalities of photo sales are handled through the web platform. You simply collect a check (or PayPal payment) each month for the royalties you receive on your photos.

How do I make a contributor account on Shutterstock?

To sign up for a Shutterstock contributor account register at This is the site made specifically for our contributors, our customers use To register, you’ll need to provide some basic personal information and verify your email.

How do I become a contributor to 123RF?

2.0 Requirements to Contribute

  1. You have to register and create a Contributor Account on
  2. You are 18 years old or above.
  3. You must upload your Government Issued Identification to
  4. Read, understand and agree with the contributor’s agreement.

Is Shutterstock Contributor free?

Contributing images to Shutterstock is free and you earn money each time your content is licensed. To learn more about becoming a contributor, or to get started, visit our contributor site.

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How do you monetize stock photos?

Macrostock photography, also known as “traditional stock photography” refers to agencies that sell high-priced and exclusive images. These agencies license the individual images directly to the client and sell the images for between $30-$3000 a year. The photographer then gets royalties.

How long does it take to sell photos on Shutterstock?

Submissions that have been accepted, will be displayed in the Catalog Manager and will be published in your portfolio within 72 hours of approval. Once your content is live on the site, customers can discover and download your work for their creative projects.

What does depositphotos pay?

5. Incentives for Contributors: Depositphotos currently pays between 44\% and 52\% royalties for each file that is sold via its pay-as-you go plan. Exclusive contributors get between 50\% and 60\% royalties. For its subscription plans, it pays between $0.30 and $0.35 for each image sold.

How does Shutterstock make money?

Shutterstock makes money by charging subscription packages. It shares revenue with contributors. Contributor earns a percentage of the price Shutterstock receives for licensing his/her content. In general, contributors receive around 15\% to 40\%.

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How to make money on Shutterstock?

Images Must Meet Shutterstock Standards. Just try to capture and upload those images that you think you are asking yourself,“Can I see this picture being used by anyone?” and

  • Find Specific Location in Photography.
  • Read and understand some tips and tricks.
  • Learn New Photography Techniques.
  • The conclusion.
  • Is Shutterstock free to use?

    All Shutterstock images are Royalty-Free, and all images bought with subscription and image packs come with a Shutterstock Standard License. This license allows you to use photos for commercial purposes, but they have restrictions.

    Are Shutterstock photos copyrighted?

    Reading the Shutterstock agreement ( would inform you that you do not own the image or have any legal claim to said image. So, short answer, No, you can not trademark or copyright an image from a stock image service.