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Does Israel want a genuine Palestinian state?

Does Israel want a genuine Palestinian state?

It’s time to stop counting settlers – Israel simply doesn’t want a genuine Palestinian state. Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Chatham House that “sovereignty” may not be “applicable” in the Palestinian case.

How much land has Israel taken back from the Palestinians?

As a result, Israel has now withdrawn from approximately 94 percent of the territory it captured in 1967. Israel has captured territory from those that wage war against the tiny state, but each time it returns the land in a heartbeat in exchange for peace. Fact or fiction: Israel stole Palestinian land to build settlements?

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Does Israel have an entitlement to the land it seized?

Others maintain that the Israelis have a legitimate entitlement to their nation, including the lands seized in war action. The current U.S. administration has begun to use the word “occupy” in reference to Israeli military presence in Palestinian towns, implying that the Israelis have invaded sovereign territory. Whose land is it, really?

How many times have the Palestinians refused statehood?

In accord with this, at least three times the Palestinians have refused statehood when it was offered to them, most recently just a few years ago. Here are the details:

How does Israel manage the problem with the Palestinians?

Israel “manages” the “problem” by creating (reversible) cantons of Palestinian autonomy; their lack of viability provokes Palestinian anger and resistance – which then becomes the justification for the “security first” approach of a permanently temporary “transition” phase.

Can a Palestinian state be established on the pre- 1967 lines?

For years this consensus view supported the establishment of a Palestinian state on the pre-1967 lines with minor, equivalent land swaps that would allow Israel to annex some settlements.

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Can a reasonable Palestinian state be the result of negotiations?

An Apartheid, Islamic, Judenrein Palestine on the 1967 borders is a prescription for disaster. That is why a reasonable Palestinian state must be the outcome of negotiations with Israel, and not the result of a thoughtless vote by the United Nations. The Palestinians and Israeli leaders are now in New York.

What do Israelis think about the solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict?

A vast majority of Israelis prefer to stand on the idea that Palestine can integrate with Israel to create one nation, and then accept whatever circumstances apply to their socioeconomic demographics afterward. It is a solution that really offers no solution. 3. There are numerous Jewish settlements in what would be Palestinian territories.

Should Israel be the foremost champion of the future Palestine?

A Palestinian state is long overdue. Rather than resist it, Israel should be the foremost champion of the future Palestine that will be its neighbour.

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Should Israel offer land for peace again?

Most Israelis are in no rush to try offering land for peace again. Their security has improved, the economy is booming and Arab states are courting Israel for intelligence on terrorists and an alliance against Iran. The Palestinians are weak and divided, and might not be able to make a deal.