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How do I get my parents to stop spanking me?

How do I get my parents to stop spanking me?

If you want your parents to stop spanking you, have a conversation. Let your parents know why you dislike being spanked, and offer ideas for alternative forms of punishment….Talk to your school counselor.

  1. Getting more physical exercise.
  2. Writing down your feelings.
  3. Taking a break.

Are your parents allowed to spank you?

Is Spanking Legal in California? In California, the punishment must fit the crime. As such, spanking is considered legal if it is justified for the situation and not excessive. Courts will often look at the events leading up to the spanking to determine if it is justified.

What are some things you should never Spank a child?

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Never spank in any type of moving vehicle. Don’t spank children if you are not their parent or guardian (Unless the parent has given you permission) Babysitters, this is you. Never spank a child anywhere other than the buttocks, and especially not the head or torso.

What should I do if my parents spank me?

If your parents scream at you or like to hit you hard, or otherwise treat you really badly, then you may have to quietly end the conversation, and then find a trusted adult to talk to about how you are being treated. Avoid arguing or complaining. In the event your parents stick to their spanking policy, avoid whining or complaining.

Is it okay to smack your child’s bottom?

However, some parents feel that on rare occasions it may be necessary to smack their child’s bottom. This article does not intend to either promote or discourage spanking, but rather is intended to give parents the facts, and when necessary, the correct instruction on how to spank your child in the safest way.

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How do you ask a parent for a change of discipline?

Use “I” phrasing, such as “When you spank me, I feel ____.” State your feelings, without name-calling or implying that they’re a bad parent. Then ask if they would be willing to talk about a change in discipline. “When you spank me, I feel humiliated and unloved.