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How do I get rid of too close error on Etabs?

How do I get rid of too close error on Etabs?

Thus the error can be resolved by merging the joints which are too close or deleting the unnecessary joints Or by deleting the overlapping slabs and by making the proper connectivity of the joints in the structure.

What is time period building?

Natural Period Tn of a building is the time taken by it to undergo one complete cycle of oscillation. It is an inherent property of a building controlled by its mass m and stiffness k. (with smaller stiffness k) have larger natural period than light and stiff buildings.

What is a building period?

All buildings have a natural period, or resonance, which is the number of seconds it takes for the building to naturally vibrate back and forth. If the period of ground motion matches the natural resonance of a building, it will undergo the largest oscillations possible and suffer the greatest damage.

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What is the period of a structure?

Rule of thumb: Period ~= Number of Stories / 10 e.g. a 15 story building has a fundamental period of approximately 1.5 seconds. This applies primarily to moment frame buildings.

Can ETABS make a concrete slab a membrane element?

If you choose a metal deck or concrete on metal deck, ETABS will automatically make this a membrane element. But it sounds like you modeled a concrete slab which is shell element.

Can Auto CAD software be used to design multi storied buildings?

Geethu (2016)[4]made a comparative study on analysis and design of multi storied building by STAAD.Pro and ETABS softwares. They provided the details of both residential and commercial building design. The planning was made in accordance with the national building code and drafted using Auto CAD software.

What is the time period of building under lateral loads?

Time period depends on mass and stiffness. Based on the time period which is purely dependent on stiffness and mass, the behaviour of building under lateral loads can be evaluated. It is difficult to determine the exact time period.

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