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How do I prepare for an equity research analyst interview?

How do I prepare for an equity research analyst interview?

Be prepared to pitch three or four stocks – for example, a large cap stock, a small cap stock, and a stock that you would short. For any company you are going to pitch, make sure that you have read a few analyst reports and know key information about the company.

What should I study for equity research interview?

The Equity Research Stock Pitch

  • Recommendation – Buy/Sell/Hold and what the company is worth.
  • Company Background – Brief description of the company’s products/services/geographies, its revenue and EBITDA, market cap, and relevant valuation multiples.

How do I become a good equity research analyst?

Graduates in the field of commerce, finance, or investment are usually preferred, but it’s not a compulsion. If you aren’t a graduate in any of these fields, you can pick up certifications like those of a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) to make yourself eligible for the role of an equity research analyst.

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What questions should I ask an equity research analyst?

According to one reader of eFinancialCareers, there are two questions that are mandatory during an equity research interview. These are: 1) How long will it take before I cover my own stocks? 2) Will I be allowed to cover peripheral stocks in the sector that I join within a year?

Is equity research Career dying?

Over time, the quality of equity research has deteriorated considerably. Investment banks have not only reacted to the decline in revenues by cutting their research staff but also by replacing senior analysts with junior analysts with less experienced and therefore cheaper ones.

What is the role of equity research analyst?

What Does an Equity Research Analyst Do? An equity research analyst’s primary role is to provide detailed research reports of the stock market industry. Their in-depth knowledge of the market helps investors with major decisions involving selling, purchasing, and possessing a certain investment.

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Why do I want to work in equity research?

The role of equity research is to provide information to the market. A lack of information creates inefficiencies that result in stocks being misrepresented (whether over or undervalued). Research is valuable because it fills information gaps so that each individual investor does not need to analyze every stock.

Why do you want to be in equity research?

How much do equity research analysts make?

Compensation The average equity research analyst earns about $79,000 in annual compensation, according to PayScale. 1 Research analysts also indirectly generate revenues through sales and trading activities that are based on their recommendations.