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How long do I use stop bath?

How long do I use stop bath?

The time in the stop bath is not critical but it must be at least 10 seconds.

What does pushing and pulling film do?

Ultimately pushing and pulling film refers to the development. Pushing means a longer development time and increased contrast. Pulling is a shorter development time which reduces contrast.

How do you push color film?

Pushing and pulling are done by changing the temperature of the developer, or by adjusting the time the film is left in the developer. The reason one would push/pull is if you under/overexposed your film either intentionally or unintentionally. Pushing increases grain and contrast and is far more common than pulling.

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Should I push my film?

Pushing film will both increase the film grain, making it more noticeable, and will add more contrast to your photos. In fact, many people push black and white films solely to get more contrast out of certain film stocks. Recommended film stock to try – Tri-X 400 & Ilford HP5 plus.

How many times can you reuse film developer?

Answer: According to the B&H description, this developer can be reused for up to 24 rolls. “Containing all the necessary chemistry to process your own color negative film, the Cs41 C-41 Kit from Cinestill is a convenient kit for making one quart of working solution.

Can you push Portra 160?

Portra 160 is very forgiving. You will be just fine either leaving it, or requesting a 1/2 stop push at most. I often rate Ektar 100 at 400 or 800 and push 1.5 to 2.5 stops.

Should I overexpose Portra 400?

Nine times out of ten, I always overexpose Kodak Portra 400 by metering it at 200 and meter for the shadows or midtones. This, as most of you know, will give you a beautiful and colorful images. I find that when I overexpose my images, the skin tones and greenery are more true to color.

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How much longer does it take to develop a pushed film?

If you’re looking for a push/pull recipe that isn’t available, however, there is a simple rule to follow. To push film, add 30\% per stop more development time, or to pull, reduce the developing time by 20\% per stop.

Can I use film developer twice?

Developer is cheap; use it once, maybe twice, then drop it in a slop bucket. Maybe you can boost the pH and use it for paper developer if you are really hot about reusing. Overall, it’s a good way to lose a day’s worth of shots in a few minutes. Use fresh when you can.

What is the difference between push and pull film processing?

Chemical developers have also provided some general rules for push and pull film processing. Kodak recommends that when push processing, you should increase the development time by two minutes for each camera stop of underexposure. With pull processing, the development time should be decreased one minute for each stop of overexposure.

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Why does push and pull processing time matter?

Because Push and Pull processing time matters, it’s important to give instructions to the film lab and have the canister marked. If you shoot 400 ISO film as 800, that is a 1 stop underexposure which will require a 1 stop push in development by processing it as an 800 ISO film.

What is “pushing” film during development?

Pushing film during development means that the film sits in the developer longer than if it was processed under normal conditions. It is effectively allowing the film to “cook” longer. So what happens when film is pushed in developing?

Should I push or pull process my 400 speed film?

If you push a 400 speed film to EI 800, you should develop the film based on the development time for ISO 800 film. This will give you a solid starting point as you learn to push or pull process film. Chemical developers have also provided some general rules for push and pull film processing.