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Is a FedEx express Courier a good job?

Is a FedEx express Courier a good job?

FedEx Employee Reviews for Courier. Couriers at FedEx give their company a 4.0 out of 5.0, while the average rating for FedEx is 3.9, making them 3\% happier than every other employee at FedEx and 5\% happier than every other Courier on CareerBliss – the happiest Couriers work for US Bancorp.

Is being a FedEx driver hard?

Working at Fedex as a Courier at times can be very strenuous. You have to be able to maneuver a 70 lb package unassisted, and a 150lb package with assistance. I have had to take 70 lb packages up many flights of stairs in my time and it is a lot of work.

Is FedEx express Courier a hard job?

Courier pay depends on seniority, job classification and market area. Courier positions are among the most highly compensated hourly jobs at FedEx Express. Working in that role is very physically demanding and requires constant attention to many things.

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Do FedEx Couriers make good money?

The typical FedEx Courier salary is $22 per hour. Courier salaries at FedEx can range from $17 – $33 per hour. When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Courier at FedEx can expect to make an average total pay of $22 per hour.

Is being a courier hard?

Becoming a courier isn’t a difficult process because it doesn’t require higher education. The demand for couriers is increasing as companies get larger, so you wouldn’t have too hard of a time getting a courier job. Depending on the company that you’re applying for, you’ll need to look into their job requirements.

How long does it take to become full time at FedEx?

No the part time dosent get fulltime if they have a position open . It’s part time but you can go full time you just have to be there at least 6 months to qualify.

Is it fun being a FedEx driver?

Productive and Fun work environment I enjoy delivering for FedEx and the people I work with. It’s always nice to come into work load your truck and be on your way no dealing with micromanagement and no drama like in your usual work place. They actually let you show up to work and do your job without all the nonsense.

How many stops does a FedEx driver make a day?

An average FedEx driver can deliver anywhere between 75 and 125 packages per day!

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Is a courier a good job?

Courier jobs can be a full-time income or a part-time way to make extra cash. When you manage your own workday you have the freedom to adjust based on your needs. Another bonus is that you don’t have to rely on others to get the job done. Quite the opposite, it’s a great job for those among us who prefer to work alone.

How long is FedEx courier training?

about 3-7 days
1 answer. It’s about 3-7 days worth of training.

Can you make a living at FedEx?

It’s a great company to work to make ton of money, if you are not doing anything. You can make a ton of money here, if you are like a package handling, loader, you can be part time and work as many hours as you want with a starting pay of 9 or 10 dollars an hour. If you stay longer like a year.

What does a FedEx courier do?

A FedEx courier is responsible for picking up and delivering packages at homes and businesses on his delivery route. He must operate the route efficiently to ensure that the scheduled pick-ups and deliveries for the day are completed as intended, and must manage time well.

What is it like to work for FedEx?

Working at Fedex can be a fun job if you’re delivering in an area you desire. Compensation isn’t enough for the amount of work we do. Can also be very long work days, and it’s almost impossible to make appointments during weekdays because the volume of packages you have vary day to day.

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Is fedfedex a good company to work for?

FedEx is a great company to work for however the station that I work at falls far short of everything that they say they are. There’s constant favoritism shown to select employees and if you say something they don’t like then they just shut you up.

Does FedEx care about the safety of their drivers?

They don’t care about safety of the drivers. As a driver you are contracted, which means you dont work directly for FedEx, which means you don’t get there health and safety benefits. So if you get hurt delivering you have to miss work, and pay for all your doctor visits yourself.

What is it like being a casual courier?

Was hired as a Casual Courier which was described simply as loading packages in a van and delivering them, which sounded good. After an unnecessarily long on-boarding process, the first day of actual work I was told before you load packages in your van, first you have to go unload a couple of tractor trailers full of packages.