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Is it OK for my BF to be friends with his ex?

Is it OK for my BF to be friends with his ex?

But it’s important to keep in mind that many people stay in touch after a breakup in a respectable — and perfectly platonic — way. “There’s nothing wrong with remaining friends with an ex under certain circumstances,” Jonathan Bennett, a certified counselor and dating expert, tells Bustle.

What does it mean when a guy still talks to his ex?

Her name comes up…a lot. Trombetti says that a guy who constantly talks about his ex is probably still hung up on her. Some of the telltale signs that she’s clearly on his mind: “If he talks about her a lot in conversation and her name continuously comes up, along with things they did or shared together.”

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How do I stop my boyfriend from talking to his ex?

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Won’t Stop Talking To His Ex

  1. Don’t Let Any Emotion Involved.
  2. Ask Him Calmly.
  3. Look Up For More Information.
  4. Don’t Be Guilty Over That.
  5. Believe In What He Says.
  6. Come To An Agreement.
  7. Talk About How You Feel About It.
  8. Pay Attention To His Behavior.

Should you talk about exes with your boyfriend?

You might feel awkward discussing exes with your new partner, but having an honest conversation with them about past relationships is perfectly healthy. It can bring you closer together and help you to better understand your significant other, and vice versa.

How do you know if your BF still loves his ex?

He is happy when he sees his Ex It’s the best indication that he is still harboring his ex if he’s warm, kind, flirty, friendly, or feels really happy to see her. But, if you feel that he is really too happy to see his ex if they meet him by chance then it’s a good chance that he still loves his ex.

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Is my boyfriend still talking to his ex?

There really are two possible situations here: He is still talking with his ex, and there is no possibility that they will rekindle their relationship. He is still talking to his ex, and it’s possible they may get back together. Either way, he is the one who ultimately has control over this.

Is he still in love with his ex-girlfriend?

Here are the 7 signs that he’s still in love with his ex, and that he’s NOT over her. 1. He hasn’t cleaned up her stuff yet 2. He’s revisiting old memories 3. He systematically does all the right things 4. He gets upset when his ex is dating someone new 5. He’s still talking to his ex 6. He compares you to her

Is it normal for exes to be friends with their exes?

As normal as it may be for exes to stay friends, it’s just as normal for that friendship to bother their new SOs. So if your boyfriend still talks to his ex or your girlfriend is still on her ex’s Snapchat Best Friends list, feeling a little wary about that bond is pretty standard.

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Should you be concerned if your partner’s ex is contacting you?

If your partner mentions that their ex reached out to them in passing and isn’t stingy with the details, it’s a lot less concerning than a SO who is constantly resetting their phone password and dodging questions. The frequency of their conversations also matters.