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Is there any reservation for ex-servicemen?

Is there any reservation for ex-servicemen?

Ans.: The policy of reservation for ex-servicemen is governed by the Ex- servicemen (Re-employment in Central Civil Services and Posts) Rules, 1979. These rules apply to all the Central Civil Services and Posts, Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ and the posts of the level of Assistant Commandant in all para- military forces.

What is Armed Forces priority in DU?

Priority IV Wards of Defence Personnel disabled in service and boarded out with disability attributable to military service; Priority V Wards of Ex-servicemen and Serving personnel, including personnel of police forces who are in receipt of Gallantry Awards; ParamVir Chakra.

Who comes under ex-servicemen quota?

EXPLANATION: The persons serving in the Armed Forces of the Union, who on retirement from service would come under the category of Ex-Servicemen may be permitted to apply for re-employment one year before the completion of the specific terms of engagement and avail themselves of all concessions available to Ex- …

Is there any quota in Defence?

The Official Home Page of the Indian Army. (a) 5\% reservation has been provided to widows of defence personnel for short service Commission Women (Technical and Non technical), out of this 2.5\% of the notify vacancy is reserved forSSCW (Non- Technical) and remaining 2.5 \% for SSCW (Tech).

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Who is eligible for Defence quota?

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE QUOTA (2019-20) 1. Eligibility Criteria’s:- (a) Scheme is open to Indian Nationals only. (b) Only wards/widows/wives of Defence Personnel from Army, Navy & Air Force from Priority-I to Priority-IX are eligible for the scheme.

What is Defence quota?

Defence Quota in Railways is intended for personels of Indian Armed Forces(Army, Navy, Airforce). Under this quota 2 seats are reserved in most of the trains in most of the classes across the country.

Does DU have army quota?

This year, university has already seen 1,676 applications under the reservation for armed forces category. In its reservation policy for supernumerary seats for armed forces, Delhi University reserves 5 per cent of seats for applicants under Children of War (CW) category, programme wise in all colleges.

What is the category of ex-servicemen?

Explanation: The persons serving in the Armed Forces of the union, who on retirement from service, would come under the category of “Ex-servicemen” may be permitted to apply for re-employment one year before the completion or the specified terms of engagement and avail themselves of all concessions available to ex- …

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How many times ex-servicemen quota can be used?

2. it is available for one time only. 3. unless and until you have been declared unfit for the particular job, you cannot avail this benefit again.

What is Defence quota in college?

There are many colleges in India which have defense quota. There is Delhi College of Engineering (DCE) or DTU, which has 10 \% quota which is generally for children or/ and widows of personnel of Armed/Para-Military forces with highest priority. IP University (Indraprast) in Delhi has Delhi quota.

Should there be reservation in armed forces?

NEW DELHI: The defence forces’ policy of merit-based recruitment is unlikely to be affected by the government’s decision to create a quota for the economically weak in the general category, officials said. Another official said, “The armed forces don’t face the effect of reservations. They don’t honour reservations.

Do ex-serviceman children’s have more quota in education?

Yes, ex serviceman children’s have more quota in the fields of education, from post metric to post graduate class. But people are not getting aware of this. 1. Financial assistance for class 1 to post graduate 2. Financial assistance for medical 3. Financial assistance for getting coaching class for civil service examinations and state psc’ exams

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Does Delhi University offer any reservation to a para-military personnel?

Certainly Delhi University offers 5\% reservation to the children/ widows of Army personnel including the para-military personnels. You can check the below link to for more information related to quota for defence personels.

Is there any quota for ex-servicemen in the Indian Army?

Actually there is no quota per se existing for wards of Ex servicemen , but only relaxation in physical standards for those who are attending recruitment rally especially for the wards of an Ex Servicemen either killed or wounded or disabled during war.

Is there any special quota for Delhi students in du?

There is no quota on the basis of your residential address. haaa there is a good quota if you are from reserved categorey SC or ST. There are more students from UP and Bihar in DU because no special quota is available for delhi students .