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What can we learn from K-Pop?

What can we learn from K-Pop?

8 Things That We Can Learn From Our K-pop Idols

  • Respect Your Seniors.
  • Never Give Up Your Dreams.
  • Being Proud Of Your Nationality.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice.
  • Being Thankful & Focus On Positive Things.
  • Consistent Hard Work & Dedication.
  • Always Look & Act Your Best Wherever You Go.

What is so special about K-Pop?

K-pop stars bring a whole new meaning to fashion. They never shy away from making a statement, and they have a decidedly unique way of interpreting current trends. Since most K-pop music videos have a certain theme or story behind it, their costumes and sets reflect just that.

What do Kpop fans like?

It’s common for K-pop fans to not only love idols but also the companies they are signed to, and other artists who are on the roster. With a lot of companies having a specific sound or image that they work with, fans often find they like most of the artists to come from their favourite’s company.

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What is the number one rule of being a k-pop fan?

Don’t be toxic to other groups and respect every kpop idol.

Is KPop good for studying?

Listening to Kpop while studying can have a positive effect as well. So here are some things you should keep in mind when chosing songs for studying: Listening to an upbeat song that makes you wanna jump and dance around, definitely won’t help your concentration.

What does it feel like to be a K-pop fan?

The most thrilling part of being a K-Pop fan is being able to experience things that other people can’t, but at the same time there is a never ending list of things that you can do pertaining to K-Pop that you probably would never be able finish. Here are 10 Things Every K-Pop Fan Needs To Experience Before They Die.

What are K-pop Stans?

What are “K-Pop Stans”? 1. Huge fans of a certain K-Pop idol or idol group 2. Supporters of fandom (s) dedicated to an idol or group 3. Promoters of k-pop through fancams on social media 4. Examples of what chaotic good looks like 5. Literally K-Pop fans Dress comfortably! Visit the KCON merchandise booth ASAP as it tends to sell out fast

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How do I look attractive in K-pop?

You have to keep in mind that K-Pop is an ‘entertainment’ industry. People want to be entertained. They want to be mesmerized. They want their eyes to feel happy. If you aren’t a natural beauty, you can always still look presentable and attractive through good grooming and good fashion sense.

How to make friends with K-pop idols?

Contact other people who are planning on visiting the airport, and you can be a part of your favorite idol’s welcoming committee. This is another way to make some friends while being able to see K-Pop idols up close in person. Done all of them? Your last step is to visit Korea!