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What can we learn from Mukesh Ambani?

What can we learn from Mukesh Ambani?

10 Powerful Lessons To Learn From Mukesh Ambani

  • Money Is the Byproduct of Success.
  • Talk Less, Do More.
  • Treat Investor’s Money More Carefully Than Your Own.
  • Nurture Your Staff, Not the Profit.
  • Take Risks, but Make Sure They’re Calculated.
  • Let Your Instincts Guide You and Your Work Speak for the Critics.
  • Dream Big.

What is Mukesh Ambani daily routine?

Mukesh Ambani is a hard worker who doesn’t waste time lazing around. He gets up between 5am and 5:30am every single day. He then heads to the gym for an invigorating workout, spends time reading the news and eats a hearty breakfast at his favourite restaurant before heading off to work.

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What does Ambani do?

Mukesh Ambani/Professions

Why is Mukesh Ambani important?

Mukesh Ambani, in full Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani, (born April 19, 1957, Aden, Yemen), Yemeni-born Indian business mogul who is the chairman and managing director of the Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the foremost company of the Indian energy and materials conglomerate Reliance Group.

What do Ambani eat?

Although Mukesh Ambani eats eggs, he avoids the meat of any sort. Mukesh has never consumed alcohol in his life. He is also a pure vegetarian by food habits. His favorite foods are chapati, rice and dal.

Are Ambani’s vegetarian?

Mukesh Ambani is a strict vegetarian and teetotaler.

What is the cost of Nita Ambani saree?

INR 40 Lakh
Use Of Precious Gems On The Saree Nita Ambani’s INR 40 Lakh saree features precious gems like emerald, ruby, pukhraj, cat eye, pearl among others as per a report by kalamtimes. For jewellery, she teamed her stunning saree with a striking diamond necklace with emerald drops and matching earrings.

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How can I contact Nita Ambani for help?

Nita Ambani Contact Details

  1. Nita Ambani Office Address: Reliance Corporate Park, 5 TTC Industrial Area, Thane-Belapur Road, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai – 400701, Maharashtra.
  2. Nita Ambani Office Phone Number: 1800 419 8800 (Toll Free)
  3. Nita Ambani Office Fax Number: N/A.

What is the height of Isha Ambani?

5′ 3″
Isha Ambani/Height