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What famous singers are on Smule?

What famous singers are on Smule?

More and more recording artists are joining Smule — in addition to T-Pain and Jessie J, recent artists include singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon, CoCo Jones and Eden Xo.

How do you get famous on Smule sing?

How to Become Popular on Smule Sing

  1. 7 Tips to Leverage Your Smule Account to Become a Popular Singer Worldwide.
  2. 1) Produce high quality audio.
  3. 2) Deliver high quality performance.
  4. 3) Invite other users for collaboration on top hits.
  5. 4) Perform professionally.
  6. 5) Develop a good network for interactions.
  7. 6) Join competition.

Are celebrities on Smule?

You can sing your favorite songs with the celebrities you love! Many celebrity artists have partnered with Smule to record karaoke versions of their songs. These recordings are saved and offered to all users. You can sing a duet with your favorite celeb, and then share it with others!

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Does Smule edit your voice?

No, you can’t change the Style or the effects when you join an invite but you can adjust the volume of your vocals and other applicable audio parameters like reverb amount or pitch correction.

Are smule duets pre recorded?

First of all, Smule is an app for singing online with other people from all over the world. The people you sing with are real people, but they have “pre-recorded” their vocal tracks. Instead, you have the opportunity to hear what your recording sounds like immediately after singing.

How do you go viral on Smule?

Techniques To Gain More Followers and Get Famous on Smule

  1. 1) Paying Attention To The Quality of Your Audio.
  2. 2) Ensuring High-quality Performance.
  3. 3) Inviting People To Collaborate With You On Top Hits.
  4. 4) Doing It Professionally.
  5. 5) Forming A Good Interactional Network.
  6. 6) Joining Competition.

Is Smule singing live?

We’re pleased to share that Sing Live audio has officially launched and is available to all users. Everyone in the Smule community can once again enjoy a live music experience.

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Is Smule safe?

This app has high anonymity, low privacy, connections with strangers, and direct messaging. With high risks of bullying, sexting, meeting strangers, and adult content, this app should not be used by minors.